Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Stamps: How to get all Stamps

Super Mario 3D World Stamps: World 3

Super Mario 3d World World

Super Mario 3d World World (Image credit: Youtube @ NintendoMovies)

The third World in Super Mario 3D World has nine stamps to collect.

World 3-1: Snowball Park

You'll find this Stamp along a pretty narrow stretch of ice. Carefully navigate the path to claim the Stamp.

World 3-2: Chain Link Charge

You'll find this Stamp near a clear tube in the latter half of the level. Use a Cat Suit to grab it.

World 3-3: Shifty Ghost Mansion

Ride the first floating couch to find this level's Stamp.

World 3-4: Pretty Plaza Panic

You'll have to play as Princess Peach to claim this level's Stamp. You'll see a Princess Peach pad left of some rotating platforms. Ground pound the pad for the Stamp.

World 3-5: Pipeline Lagoon

In the second underwater area, look for a gap in the ceiling. Head up the opening and find your Stamp.

World 3-6: Mount Must Dash

During the second half of the level, you'll run under some orange platforms. Jump up there and the platforms will lead you to a Stamp.

World 3-7: Switchboard Falls

The final set of moving pads will lead you to this Stamp. Stick to the leftmost platforms to find it.

World 3-Boss: The Bullet Bill Express

Just before the final pipe, you'll come across two Fire Bros. Kill the enemy below to reveal the Stamp.

World 3: Stamp House

Now that you've collected all of the Stamps in this world, stop by the Stamp House for a freebie.

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