Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Stamps: How to get all Stamps

Super Mario 3D World Stamps: World Bowser

Super Mario 3d World Bowser

Super Mario 3d World Bowser (Image credit: Youtube @ NintendoMovies)

World Bowser has ten Stamps to collect.

World Bowser-1: Spiky Spike Bridge

After exiting the second warp box, head left and avoid the spikes.

World Bowser-2: Plessie's Dune Downhill

Head between the two Bowser statues to reveal a hidden path and a Stamp.

World Bowser-3: Cookie Cogworks

In the area with the spikes coming out of a hole in the ground, there is a little area hidden underneath. Jump down to it and into the hidden pipe to find the Stamp.

World Bowser: Train the Bowser Express

Right before the second Green Star, jump on the second question mark block and ground pound it. It will take you to the top.

World Bowser-4: Footlight Lane

After the first set of cat bombs, look for the ledge that is flashing. To the right of that is an invisible blue platform and a Stamp. Jump over and claim your prize.

World Bowser-5: Deepwater Dungeon

When you reach the first set of spikes, swim up to the top left of the room to find the Stamp.

World Bowser-6: A Beam in the Dark

Choose Luigi at the start to earn this Stamp. Once you pass the first POW block, you'll see a Luigi Switch on the left. Just hop on it to claim your Stamp.

World Bowser-7: Grumblump Inferno

After the checkpoint flag, ride the Grumblimp down the slope and you'll spot the Stamp above a Hammer Bro.

World Bowser-Boss: The Great Tower of Bowser Land

At the end of the level on the top of a tree near the goal post.

World Bowser: Stamp House

Even Bowser Land has a Stamp House! Stop by for a free Stamp.

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