Suspect cryptocurrency wallet app made its way onto the App Store

It appears that Apple may have let a knockoff version of a popular cryptocurrency wallet onto the App Store. The app shares a name with, one of the more popular digital wallets for storing ether (ETH). The developers behind stress that the MyEtherWallet app is in no way official, and users should avoid downloading it.

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From TechCrunch:

The app rose to the number three spot in Finance category of the App Store this weekend as part of a bitcoin frenzy that saw exchange Coinbase top Apple's free download list in the U.S. In this case, however, it is important to note this app is not official so users should avoid downloading it.

The app developer — who is listed as Nam Le — has three other apps with Apple, including two panda fighting games, but no history of crypto or bitcoin services.'s developers have contacted Apple in an effort to have the app removed from the store. The developers also point out that in selling the MyEtherWallet app for $4.99, Nam Le is monetizing free and open-source software, which certainly puts this app in dubious ethical and legal territory.

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