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iPhone 4 cases, iPhone 4 pictures, reception woes, iPhone 4 jailbreak - From the Forums

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  • Still on the hunt for a new iPhone 4 case? Look no further than the following thread: iPhone 4 Cases.

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What kind of case do you want for your iPhone 4?

What kind of case do you want for the iPhone 4?online survey

What kind of case do you want for your iPhone 4? Reason we thought about it is iPhone 4 has a glass front and back that we think is some unicorn tear infused admantium/transparent aluminum hybrid, but the moment he saw it Chad's reaction was to shriek "oh my goodness no there's two sides to shatter if I drop it" (which Dieter's imagination went immediately to ball-peen hammers, don't ask!)

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iPad Wi-Fi issues, iPad cases, iPhone leak, Words with Friends, Jailbreak and unlock - From the Forums

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iSkin solo FX SE for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS (iPad Give-Away Qualifier!)

So I have before me the new iSkin solo FX SE for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS [$29.95 - iMore Store Link]. What does this new iSkin line of flexible cases offer?

We'll take a look (and tell you about the give away!) after the break!

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E&B Company eCopilot Leather Pouch Case for iPhone

The E&B Company eCopilot leather side pouch for the iPhone, [$29.95 - iMore Store link] has a sophisticated style and classic appearance. The case is made of a durable leather outer shell and has a soft cushioned interior lining. The horizontal pouch opening has a magnetic binding which makes it easy to open and close and yet is strong enough that it will not open on its own.

For more about this case, pictures and what is Project Pink, join us after the break...

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iPhone Golla Bags -- Or, iPhone Cases I'd Want on Judgement Day

Why did I choose the iPhone Golla Bags for iPhone [$19.99 - iMore Store link] for my first TiPb accessory review? Well, I have tried a wide variety of cases. Being active, I need a case that can withstand life's little brutalities (includes being dropped, kicked, drooled on by a baby, or just plain surviving a day in my purse). So, when choosing my first review item the question that came to mind was: which iPhone case would Sarah Conner use?

Well, she would probably have a triple-lined Kevlar pouch with extra ammo clips, but if she was stuck with stock, I think she -- like me -- would go for the iPhone Golla Bag. Here's why...

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TiPb Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for New Users

The following Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Accessories for New Users guide is sponsored by the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store

Just got a new iPhone? Congratulations! Now it's time to decide if you need a little something extra to go along with it -- a case to protect your investment, Bluetooth for wireless phone calls or music, headsets for wired, batteries and chargers to get you powered, and cables to keep you connected.

There are lots to choose from, enough to personalize your iPhone just the way you want, but if you're having trouble deciding, we asked TiPb's editorial staff to pick some of their favorites. Check them out, after the jump!

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$1000 Japanese Hand-Crafted iPhone Cases Anyone?

Would you pay $1000 for a hand-craft, culturally symbolic iPhone case?

Crunchgear says they're intended "to show how Japanese warlords from the Sengoku period would probably use their iPhones if they lived today":

The so-called JAPAN TEXTURE [JP] series consists of a total of five cases with different designs. Created under the supervision of a historian, SoftBank says each case is covered with special lacquer and gold dust. It takes three to four weeks to make one, which kind of explains the price.

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Smartphone Experts SidePouch for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G

Smartphone Experts SidePouch for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $14.95. If you are looking for an attractive side pouch at a very affordable price, check out this case! Let’s see how it measure up after the break!

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TiPb Top 5 Cases for the iPhone 3GS

Nothing makes people more paranoid than a shiny new gadget, especially if it's an expensive-to-replace shiny new iPhone 3GS gadget fresh from Apple. Cases can't work miracles, but they can go a long way towards helping you avoid dust and dirt, nicks and scratches, and -- depending on how hardcore you go -- cracks and breaks. Oh, and they can also stylize your iPhone beyond Apple's iconic black and white, if that's how you want to roll.

We'll be rounding up some accessories for new iPhone owners in the coming days, and because we're just as paranoid, we're starting with cases.

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