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Review: OtterBox Impact Case for iPhone 3G

The OtterBox Impact Series Case for the iPhone 3G is available here at the TiPb iPhone store for only $12.95, in either black or white. It is a case that encloses your iPhone 3G in a soft rubber skin, extra rubber padding on the back and all four corners. Can a skin case for only $12.95 really stand up to the rigors of everyday use that may subject your sleek iPhone 3G to bumps, bruises and scrapes? Read on for the full review!

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Today on the Forums: Most Over-Rated Missing iPhone Feature, Quality of Refurbs, New iPhone, Case Options

We have a few good topics being discussed on the forums today, so lets get right to it.

First up, What is the most over-rated missing iPhone feature? MMS? Copy and Paste perhaps? Something else? Check that thread out and cast your vote!

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Review: Griffin California Roll for iPhone 2G/3G

The Griffin California Roll for iPhone 2G and 3G is in stock and ready to ship from the iPhone Blog Store for $19.95. Personally, I'm not much for sushi, but this is a California Roll I can sink my teeth into. If you want something to carry your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and other small accessories and to organize them into one case, Griffin's California Roll could be what you are looking for. Follow me after the break to get to know this case a little better!

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TiPb Give Away: Hardcore ElementCases for the Holidays!

The kind folks over at Element Case have hooked TiPb up for the holidays! That's right, they were generous enough to drop off a pack of custom tricked-out iPhone cases not just for us to review -- but for us to give away to you, the best dang blog readers, forum posters, and podcast listeners on the interwebs.

These aren't just any cases, mind you. These are the hardcore high-end rigs of cases. Jeremy's already gotten his hands all over them (and took some time out of his hectic holiday schedule to snap the pics above and below) and he says they're well made and built for gaming, with the special bonus of making sure you don't cover up the speaker when holding them (nice touch!).

Thanks to everyone at Element Case for hooking us up, and stay tuned for your chance to take one of these custom TiPb cases home for the new year!

(To check out their whole selection, head on over to the Element Case Shop).

More pics after the break...

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Review: Naked Case Touch-Through Acrylic Case

[Ed: Wondering where you may have seen this case before? Look no further than our ongoing Smartphone Expert Round Robin! Yup, one lucky TiPb reader will be winning the Naked Case along with a shiny new iPhone 3G, both courtesy of Case-Mate! Huge thanks to them, and our new sibling store Smartphone Outlet for making all this possible! Now hurry up and read all about what you just might win!]

Need a new case that is light-weight, thin and protects the iPhone screen? Look no further than the Case-Mate Naked Case Touch Through Acrylic Case for iPhone 3G! This case is available for $34.95 from the Phone Different Store. This case totally encompasses your iPhone protecting it from any accidental damage. How does it work? Read on for more information!

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Review: Speck Products PixelSkin for iPhone 3G

Searching for a unique case that'll make heads turn? Looking for a case that offers great protection and adds superb grip for your iPhone 3G? Well then, the Speck Products PixelSkin for iPhone 3G ($24.95) just might be for you. With a waffle-like texture wrapping around the entire case it offers both daring style and a sense of security. How does it perform? Are all those squares really put to use?

Read on for the rest of the review!

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WWDC Update: Boxes, Banners, and Case Changes: Oh My!

With WWDC only a weekend away, is it any surprise the rumors are flying faster than ever?

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iPhone 3G casing spotted. Again. ...and again: Maybe.

Here we go again. The sheer number of iPhone 3G case leaks is getting to be embarrassing. The latest looks to be from a Chinese manufacturer of Griffin cases and all but confirms the "new" form factor: A more rounded back, slightly less beveled front, and perhaps more squarish corners.

Thinking back to our last iPhone 3G sighting, it occurs to me that we might still have not seen the final look of the device -- the white and black plastic we've been looking at has had an awfully chintzy feel. Since all these leaks are coming from case manufacturers, it's possible that:

  1. They created mockups of the basic iPhone 3G casing based on Apple's specs in order to better create cases or
  2. Apple sent out a bunch of "dummy phones" that match the shape of the iPhone 3G but do not match the look?

...more renderings after the break!

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