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Probably not iPhone 5 cases leak

More reports are springing up that the next generation iPhone 5 will feature a thinner, tapered hardware design based off images of 3rd party silicone cases. Now this is not the first time we've come across rumors of what the new hardware will look like. It all started as early as April when we heard about a completely new design and then again earlier this month we heard similar reports of a thinner and lighter device.

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DracoDesign Draco IV for iPhone 4

The DracoDesign Draco IV for iPhone 4 is all curves and industrial grade aluminum. Co-developed by Dëff, handcrafted, and 3D, 5-axis machine CNC'd by DracoDesign, they're yet another example of hypercar aesthetic made iPhone case. And this one is Veyron sexy.

Like other aluminum bumpers, with the Draco IV there's some assembly required. It's a little fiddly, so take your time (or if you're all thumbs like me, get someone with a far more skillful touch to do it for you). You place sleep/wake, ringer/vibrate, and volume pass-through keys into one half of the aluminum bumper, slide your iPhone 4 into place, cap it with the other half of the bumper, and then secure it into place with 2 screws. (They provide additional screws in case you lose one and don't have a magnetic iPad 2 handy to sweep for them.)

The fit and finish of the bumper is superlative. The button pass-throughs do wiggle slightly but work perfectly and many might prefer them to trying to press inside deep cutouts. The curves of the chassis take some getting used to at first. They're gorgeous but they're very different to the flat sides iPhone 4 comes with. The first time you hold it as a camera, for example, you'll double-check your finger position a few times to make sure your grip is secure. Then you won't worry about it again. The bumper rises ever so slightly above the front and back surfaces of iPhone 4 so you can lay it flat without worrying about scuffing the glass. And the aluminum is almost deceptively solid given the silky smooth finish.

In the 8 days that I've been testing my review unit, I had no loss of signal or reception problems with it at all. Everything worked as good as it looked. In addition to the Space Black version featured in the pictures above and below, the Draco IV also comes in Ocean Blue, Passion Red, Metallic Gray, and limited edition Champaign Gold and Astro Silver.

If you're on the market for a high-end, premium iPhone 4 case, and you like curves, the Draco IV should be on your short list.

[Draco Design]

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Words with Friends, 4G or dual core?, iPad 2 Element Case Joule Chroma give away, iPad light leak - From the Forums

The TiPb forums are naturally a great place to talk, commiserate, celebrate, get help, and offer advice to your fellow iPhone users. In order to create a new thread of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is easy and free so if you haven’t already, head on over and register now!

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mophie juicepak plus for iPhone 4 - battery charger review

The mophie juicepak plus for iPhone 4 is serious charging power for serious power users. If you're on the go, if your iPhone can't run down, won't run down -- if you need a case that can get you through twice the work and play, then here's your solution. To see how it held up for me under the rigors of CES 2011, read on for the review after the break!

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Monitor your heart with the iPhone 4 ECG case [video]

The iPhonECG by Lifetone Technology is a case that turns your iPhone 4 into a fully functional  ECG (Electrocardiography) device that can be used to monitor your heart. It works via  interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes.

The case is a simple enough snap on type plastic case with two electrodes on the rear. The patient can hold the case in their hands, touching the electrodes, or hold it against their chest to capture the performance of the heart.

The information is displayed on the screen of the iPhone 4 with a dedicated app, again developed by Lifetone. It also has another app that works with the case. The second app is a personal heart rate monitor, to aid with relaxation; it is aimed more at the consumer than the professional market.

Both apps and the case will be announced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which begins in Las Vegas next week.


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Nite Ize Crocs o-dial Case for iPhone - accessory review [Contest]

The Nite Ize Crocs o-dial Case for iPhone is the case for Croc-lovers and if that's you it just might be the best thing you've ever seen. If you are way past the Croc wave, however, then this may look more like an accessory abortion. Either way, pro or con, this case is going to be so divisive that I just had to review -- and see it in person. Epic or train wreck? Follow on after the break to find out!

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iPad 2 cases reveal rear-facing camera, SD card slot?

Yes, we've reached supposed case-leak season in the pre-iPad 2 hype cycle and a couple of these bad boys have been spotted sporting what looks like cutouts for rear-facing camera and SD card cut slots.

Apple doesn't give accessory makers advanced access to hardware like iPad 2, but since some of those case makers have connections to the factories that assemble iPad 2 hardware, who knows what they've heard, seen, or even fondled on the down-low?

As always, these cases could be spot on or complete wrong, real, fake or really fake, so check out the picture and let us know what you think. Will we be getting a rear-facing camera and SD card slot on iPad 2?

[iLounge, Kodawarjsan, via MacRumors]

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Griffin Elan Passport for iPad - accessory review

This week I got to try out the Griffin Elan Passport Case for iPad and I really like it! The Elan Passport is a leather flip case with a soft microsuede interior. When closed, the Elan Portfolio resembles a book. When you open it you have immediate access to the touchscreen on the right and the left has four slots for credit cards, business cards, etc. or other similarly shaped items and a sleeve to tuck additional paper into such as receipts and more.

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Otter Box Commuter Series for iPad- accessory review


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The Otter Box Commuter Series for iPad may just be the ultimate in rugged cases. I know, that is a bold statement, but I am really that impressed. What separates this case from the competition is that is clearly engineered by people who like their iPads and want them protected. You get a low-profile case with a lot of extras. Like many iPad cases on the market, the Commuter is a three-layered system...

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iLuv Skin Case for iPad - accessory review

The iLuv Skin Case is definitely an extremely thin case. It is made of a soft rubber silicon material that feels extremely smooth to the touch. Some people may be willing to sacrifice a little bit of protection to have a thinner more portable case but in my opinion, this case was more than a little too thin.

If you want something extremely thin and don't plan on transporting your iPad very far in this case, you should be okay. Other than that, this case is more for looks than anything else.

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