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Photography Apps

How to use iPhoto to darken and add drama to your iPhone photography

This week our iPhone Photography series is going to be a little different. Instead of exploring a new technique for taking better photos, we're going to dive into the digital darkroom of iPhoto to improve an image we've already taken. It's always worth capturing the best possible photo you can with your camera. Thanks to photo editing apps like iPhoto, however, when and if something goes wrong -- the framing is a little off, the white balance or exposure isn't perfect, the levels just don't look right -- there's a lot you can do to fix it.

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Now you can share your Hipstamatic photos directly to Instagram

Two of the most popular iPhone photography apps, Hipstamatic and Instagram, have unveiled a partnership that is meant to please their users: you can now share your photos taken with Hipstamatic directly to Instagram. Note that this is different than how some apps let you open photos in Instagram. Hipstamatic is now the first app that lists Instagram as a social network (right between Twitter and Tumblr) and publishes them to the service with the just the tap of a button.

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Convert your photos into gorgeous black and white images with Simply B&W for iPhone and iPad

Have you ever envisioned one of your photos looking abslutely stunning as a black and white photograph only to have it come out looking dull and boring after doing the conversion? That's because not all black and white photo conversions are created equal and Simply B&W for iPhone and iPad understands just that.

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Better focus and exposure, photo management, and app integration comes to Camera+ 3.0

Camera+ has received a significant update that includes the ability to lock focus and exposure, mulit-photo imports, improved social sharing, app integration API's, and more.

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Create beautiful, unique photo collages with Fuzel for iPhone

There's a plethora of photo collage apps in the App Store, but Fuzel is one of the best one's I've ever come across. One of its defining features is that you can design your own layouts by placing the separators precisely where you want. It also has a gorgeous design.

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Turn your iPhone into a toy camera with Pop Camera

Pop Camera is a collection of unique and funky camera types that will give you photos an analog, toy camera look to your photos. The really fun part? You can take anywhere from one to 16 photos at a time to be displayed at once as a collage. There is also a camera that takes double exposure shots, bringing in a whole new level of creativity.

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iPhoto for iPhone and iPad review

iPhoto is a fantastic photo editing tool, in some ways better than it is on the Mac, but suffers from an inexplicable lack of useful sync.

Apple has brought iPhoto to iOS. Announced alongside the new iPad, but available as a universal app for the iPhone as well, iPhoto completes Apple's mobile iLife suite and once again challenges the misconception that multitouch is better geared for content consumption than creation. iPhoto took the longest to arrive on iOS, despite being the most popular of the iLife apps. So... was it worth the wait?

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"Awesomize" your photos and travel through time with Smugmug's Camera Awesome for iPhone

Smugmug, the professional digital photo sharing website, has released a powerful new camera and photo editing app for iPhone called Awesome Camera that literally "awesomizes" your photos.

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Turn your photos into fun comics with Halftone for iPhone and iPad

Halftone is a fun little photo editing app that creates comics out of photos by adding add paper styles, captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps, and fonts (including built-in comic fonts).

When you first import or capture a photo, Halftone gives you options to add effects, crop and rotate the photos, and make adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation, colors, and sharpening. Once these edits are complete, the photo gets imported into the comic editing mode and the real fun begins.

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Take up to 800 pictures a minute with Fast Camera for iPhone

800 photos a minute -- this an insane amount of photos and Fast Camera for iPhone accomplishes this without skipping a beat.

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