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Protect your phone for 30% less at Seidio right now!

Seidio is running a huge holiday sale that saves you 30% on your entire purchase, so be sure to stock up on cases for yourself, your family, and even friends!

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Seidio Surface and Ledger case for iPhone reviews

I'm checking out some of the best slim cases for the iPhone 5s and I'm starting off with two great cases from Seidio, and Surface case and the Ledger Flip case.

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Seidio DILEX case with kickstand for iPhone 5c review

The Seidio DILEX case with kickstand for the iPhone 5c has a two-part construction design that helps protect against drops. It also doesn't add a huge amount of bulk which should appeal to anyone who still wants to fit their iPhone into their pocket.

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Seidio accessories keep your iPhone and iPad protected!

BIG Thanks to Seidio for sponsoring our #CESlive coverage at CES 2014!

CES 2014 has come to an end, as has our #CESlive coverage for the year. It was an amazing week (and a busy one to boot!), with 70 guests taking to our stage over four days.

One of our big sponsors for the year was Seidio, a company we were extremely excited to have come onboard. Like Mobile Nations, Seidio has been around since the beginning of the smartphone era, going back to 2002. Over the years they've always made a great selection of cases, charging docks and extended batteries for popular smartphones on all platforms.

Be sure to hit up the video above for a video walkthrough of Seidio's booth at CES 2014. Derek from Seidio walks us through some of the different products they had on display, including the new OBEX case which is tough and waterproof yet great for everyday use. 

For more info and to buy, you can visit, or view our selection of Seidio accessories at the iMore store.

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Seidio shows off new iPhone cases and more at #CESlive

Mobile accessory maker Seidio sat down with us at this week's CES to show off some of their new products for iPhone and other devices. Seidio doesn't just make cases; they also make batteries, screen protectors and more, so sit back and check out the new gear.

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Seidio CONVERT Combo case for iPhone 5

I saved the donuts. I had my iPhone 5 in my hands, and a box of donuts, and everything began to fall, and I saved the donuts, and my iPhone 5 screen shattered. Apple replaced it for me, but it was expensive, and if I'd been using a case (or if I valued donuts less!) I could have avoided the cracked screen, the cost, and having to tell you this story now. But I didn't, it did, and I do. Sigh.

So now I'm looking for the perfect case to protect my replacement iPhone 5 without getting in my way about it. First up is the Seidio CONVERT Combo for iPhone 5.

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Seidio Inno Dock Jr. for iPhone 4 -- accessory review

The Seidio Inno Dock Jr. for iPhone 4 is just the dock you have been waiting for. Or it is if, like me, you have grumbled and cursed multiple times when having to remove my favorite Case-Mate Chrome case in order to change my iPhone. What makes the Seidio Inno Dock Jr. so much better?

Read on after the break to find out!

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Seidio Innocase II Surface for iPhone 4- accessory review

This week I am looking at the <a href=""">Seidio Innocase II for iPhone 4. What makes this case great is that it is a two-part case that snaps about two thirds down. You slide the iPhone into the top, then slide the bottom on. The two pieces snap into place to provide a secure casing for iPhone 4.

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Seidio 3-in-1 Retractable Charger Reality Review

We have all been there. You know, our iPhone is about to die from a drained battery and no charge cable in sight. Well, the Seidio 3-in-1 Retractable Charger [$29.99 - iMore Store link] is here to change that. The Seidio charger gives you everything you need for any portable situation. You get a USB cable that actually snaps into place (I love that. Most cables I see these days don't actually snap in place, they just fit, but not securely) and the always capable wall charger and large grip-friendly car charger.

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Review: Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G

The Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G is the latest accessory to try an mitigate the lack of a user-changeable battery. Unlike cases that strap on to your iPhone, or dongles that plug in to the bottom, the Seidio Innocell, available for $39.95 from the iMore Store, tries to find a compromise between the capacity and convenience: a good bit of power in a form factor that's fairly small and unobtrusive.

How does it do? Find out after the break!

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