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Best stylus for iPad

The Apple Pencil is the best stylus on the market for iPad Pro users.

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Why I'm excited--and a little nervous--for the Apple Pencil stylus

Yes, it's true: Apple announced a stylus for the iPad. Ahem, excuse me: A Pencil. At no point during Wednesday's announcement did the company use the dreaded S-word, preferring "pencil," "device," and a few other monikers. But a stylus the Pencil is, and an exciting one at that. Here's why I'm pumped for the Apple Pencil—and what I'm still worried about.

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Apple devices, apps, and accessories for back to school: The ultimate guide

It's back-to-school season, and we're rounding up the best tech for students that are hitting the books. We're highlighting the best iPad, iPhone, Mac, and any other Apple gear in between that can make your next trip into academia a little less painful.

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Here's why Apple might make a stylus for the iPad

There's been a lot of talk lately about styluses — specifically, an Apple-branded stylus pen that might ship alongside the rumored iPad Pro.

As an artist, frequent note-taker, and all-around scribbler, I've wanted a Wacom-esque pressure-sensitive stylus since the iPad's release. I wrote about iPad styluses time and time again as we saw creative developers try and build around the iPad's hardware limitations. I've looked longingly over at Wacom's half-baked tablet solutions. And I haven't been happy.

Could Apple make an iPad stylus that actually fulfilled my wants — and those of other artists — for a tablet next year? It could. But would it want to? This year, quite possibly.

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FiftyThree starts selling the Pencil stylus for iPad in Europe from today

FiftyThree, the makers of the Bluetooth-connected iPad stylus Pencil, has commenced sales in the UK, Germany and France from today. Previously, the only way to get your hands on the product was to order directly from the US, likely being hit by import fees and the like. Finally, the company has listened to feedback and the general cries for help and has launched sales in respective markets within Europe.

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Upcoming iOS 8 update to FiftyThree's Pencil stylus will bring pressure sensitivity

The fine folks behind the Paper app for iPad have announced a new feature launching with iOS 8 this fall which allows those that use their dedicated Pencil accessory added creative options.

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Hands-on: Best stylus pens of 2014!

Just before #CESlive ended, I ran back and took a look at all the stylus pens that were being shown off on the show floor. There's weren't any big new announcements, but I did get to go hands on with a lot of the most recent updates. I have to say, the improvements we're seeing are remarkable. Instead of dull and drab, we're getting sexy and stylish, instead of big plastic disks, we're getting fine points, instead of rubber nibs, we're getting interchangeable brushes, and instead of dumb, dead pens, we're getting Bluetooth 4.0 LE-based pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. And 2014 has only just begun!

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Wacom announces pressure-sensitive Intuos stylus for iPad

Wacom has announced a new, pressure-sensitive stylus for the iPad called the Intuos Creative Stylus, paying homage to the branding of their famous tablet line. The Intuos Creative Stylus connects to your iPad 3, iPad 4, or iPad mini using Bluetooth 4.0, and features shortcut buttons, along with support for palm rejection. These features help make creating more natural, says Wacom:

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Adonit shows off the new Jot Touch stylus at Macworld|iWorld 2013

Adonit was one of the first to launch a pressure sensitive Bluetooth stylus for the iPad back in July of last year. That original Jot Touch had quite a lot to like about it, including Adonit's trademark mechanical pencil-style construction and clear capacitive disk, but the new one takes it to the next level. Raphael Gomez of Adonit gave us the story at Macworld|iWorld 2013

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Griffin draws at a distance with Crayola Light Marker for iPad

iPads are great for kids -- intuitive, interactive, and engaging -- and Griffin continues to expand the possibilities, and the fun, with peripherals like the Crayola Light Marker. With a large crayon stylus that's easy to grip and easy to use, you pair with Griffin's free app and then paint and play to your heart's content with a variety of modes and tools.

It's meant to use in the dark and at a distance, almost like a pointer driven light show. The crayon sends light to your iPad camera, and the camera interprets that and makes it into magic. Check out their CES 2013, and if you have kids, or just like drawing in the dark, let me know what you think.

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