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Looking for a good stylus but don't want to spend Apple Pencil money? Want a stylus that you can use more screens than an Apple Pencil? Adonit makes some great styluses that are compatible with a wider variety of devices. They cost less than the Apple Pencil to start, but right now, they are on sale up to 30% off on Amazon, as well as on Adonit with the promo code THANKS2020. I've reviewed a number of Adonit's products myself, the Adonit Note+, Adonit Note, Adonit Pro 4, Adonit V-Grip, and Adonit PhotoGrip Qi. Adonit has made our best stylus roundup. Choosing a specific stylus really depends on the features you need. I'll break it down for you:


Adonit Note+ Stylus

Adonit Note+ Stylus

Personalized shortcut buttons

This stylus is an artist's dream with excellent precision, fine point, palm rejection, tilt support, pressure sensitivity, programmable shortcut buttons, and USB-C charging. However, it is only compatible with the newer iPad and iPad Pro models.

Natural feeling

Adonit Note Stylus

Adonit Note Stylus

Feels like pen and paper

The Note has palm rejection, needs no Bluetooth connection, and it is highly accurate and fluent. Compatibility: any of the newer iPad or iPad Pro models.

For any screen

Adonit Pro 4 stylus

Adonit Pro 4 Stylus

Universal compatibility

Use the luxurious-feeling disc-tipped stylus with any touch screen including your iPhone. It won't have quite the accuracy of a pointed-tip stylus, but it never needs charging and won't damage your screen.

If none of these styluses fit the bill for you, check out the complete stylus line for iOS on Adonit's website. One I haven't tried myself but looks very interesting is the mouse-and-stylus in one, Adonit Note-M.

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