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Vector 35: Native apps vs. web apps and what comes next!

Live from Macworld|iWorld 2014 Rene talks to Don Melton, former director of internet technology at Apple, and Matt Drance, former Apple evangelist, about web apps, native apps, hybrid apps, CarPlay, Oculus rift, and what comes next!

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The long truth about short web apps

For years one of the biggest knocks on mobile web apps was performance -- they just never felt as fast or as fluid as native apps. Yet proponents of web apps have begged to differ, and sought to show that web apps could, if not today then one day, prove good enough for general purpose use. Tired of the subjective arguments, Drew Crawford has tried to present an objective analysis on Sealed Abstract:

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App Store Year Zero: How unsweetened web apps and unsigned code drove the iPhone to an SDK

Apple introduced the App Store on July 10, 2008, five years ago today. Over the course of the next week we're going to take a look back at the origins and development of App Store, and forward towards its potential future. To do that properly, however, we have to start at the beginning, with the original iPhone in 2007. And with the original iPhone, there was no App Store, and no third party apps. At least not at first...

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The Magazine adds web subscriptions, full article sharing

Marco Arment's The Magazine is widely regarded as the best thing to happen to iOS' Newsstand to date, and now Arment is expanding it to take on the web as well. That includes both online subscriptions in addition to iOS, and the ability to share the full text of an article. Here's how Arment describes it on Marco.org:

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Marvel Comics Unlimited tests iPad friendly beta

Marvel Comics Unlimited is a Netflix-like service that lets you subscribe to and consume huge quantities of catalog titles. Like Netflix, it isn't the new stuff, and the old stuff is rife with content gaps, but unlike Netflix, until now Marvel Comics Unlimited was locked into Adobe's Flash player, and that meant it couldn't work on the iPad. iBooks (pictured above), Kindle, and the ComiXology apps have all been options, though single purchase a la carte ones. That's starting to change, however, with a new, iPad-compatible version of the player now being offered as a beta to subscribers.

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Apple acquires HTML5-focused startup Particle

Apple has acquired Particle, a firm specializing in the design of HTML5 websites and web apps. Particle has previously done some HTML5 work for Apple, along with others such as Google, Amazon, and Motorola and they are also behind video sharing service Robo.to. The deal for the acquisition happened last month, and is mostly a talent, rather than product, acquisition.

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New York Times flirts with HTML5 web app for iPad

The New York Times has released an experimental HTML5 web app designed for the iPad. The app is available to those with access to either the tablet-only or all digital offerings from the Times. The New York Times web app provides the same news content as the native app, while at the same time offering some unique features.

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Pulse news reader comes to the Mac via web app

Pulse, one of the more popular news reader apps for iPhone and iPad, now has a Mac counterpart. While it isn't a native app, the web app version is full featured and manages to maintain the same great interface its iOS counterparts already enjoy.

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iTweak jailbreak store set to be a web based Cydia competitor

iTweak looks to be a lightweight, web-based jailbreak app store set to compete with Cydia and, from what we understand, will allow you to install applications from the web app directly onto your jailbroken device.

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