TestFlight Live gives iOS app developers real-time analytics, engagement metrics and more

TestFlight, the popular beta distribution service for iPhone and iPad apps, has just launched TestFlight Live and aims to give iOS developers real-time analytics (how many users are using their apps right now), engagement metrics (how often and how long users are using their apps), and more.

TestFlight LIVE has arrived. Use Testflight for more than just Beta testing. Just one SDK for Beta and Live.One simple line of code empowers developers to take control of their beta testing and their app business. Our goal is to help you build better apps.Both services are free and we plan to add optional premium features in the future. The features offered today will remain free.

In addition to real-time and engagement, TestFlight Live will also measure audience (which devices and which features are most used), revenue, and stability.

No word yet on what those premium features are, but developers can download the TestFlight Live SDK now via the link below. If any developers give it a whirl, let us know what you think about it .

Source: TestFlight

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