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What you need to know

  • The update is available for both iPhone and iPad.
  • It adds new lists for use with Quick Find.
  • Quick Find now supports Headings, too.

Developer Cultured Code has released a new update for the popular Things task management app. Version 3.11 has now been made available for iPhone and iPad and brings improved Quick Find features with it.

The main change is the inclusion of new Quick Find Lists (via 9to5Mac). Now users can search for new and specific tasks right from the Quick Find interface.


If you've been using Things for awhile, you're probably quite adept at zipping around the app with Quick Find. For today's release, we've added some handy new lists to navigate to.

To access these new lists, simply type their name into Quick Find:

• "Deadlines" – all your upcoming (or passed!) deadlines, neatly sorted.

• "Repeating" – all your repeating to-dos in one, convenient place.

• "Tomorrow" – a nice focused list to plan tomorrow, today.

• "All Projects" – an overview of all your big goals.

• "Logged Projects" – an overview of your past achievements.

While not technically a list, note that you can also type "Settings" (or "Preferences") to quickly get there. No more digging for that Settings button!

One other major change allows Quick Find to also surface Headings, something that wasn't previously available and drove me insane. Thankfully I've been using the beta version of Things for a while and I can absolutely tell you that the update is worth installing for this change alone.


• Quick Find now supports searching for projects' headings and quickly navigating to them.

But wait, there's more!


• See the exact date and time when a to-do or project was created or completed. On iOS, tap ••• > Share > Get Info. On Mac, go to Items > Get Info.

• When typing a date on systems set to a 12-hour clock, the parser now chooses AM/PM more intelligently (and offers both options in some cases).

• The following prefixes are now recognized as bullets and stripped out when pasting text into to-do lists or checklists: •, *, – [ ]

• Increased the sidebar width on larger iPad Pros to accommodate those longer project titles :)

• Added support for Cmd+click on links to open them in background. (Mac only)

• Inside Areas, new projects can now be inserted with a New Project button in the toolbar and TouchBar. (Mac only)


• Several bug fixes relating to drag and drop.

• Improved handling of changes to lists.

• Improvements for background execution.

• Other small bug fixes and improvements.

Things 3.11 is now available for both iPhone and iPad. If you already own Things this is a free update. Otherwise the iPhone and Apple Watch app will set you back $9.99, while the iPad app costs $19.99. And they're both worth every single penny.

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