This $30 HooToo USB-C adapter can turn one port into six

I like having a small, sleek laptop, but sometimes I just want to plug in my phone's charging cable or use a USB-A receiver to unify my external keyboard and mouse. It's never fun being in that awkward in-between stage when it comes to tech. My laptop uses USB-C, my phone uses USB-A and a proprietary connector, my monitor uses something else entirely, and heaven forbid I need to plug in something like a microSD card. If these scenarios sound familiar, it's time to get a USB-C Hub. The HooToo 6-in-1 USB-C Adapter is a solution that works for most consumers, and today it'll fall from $39.99 to $29.99 when you apply code VUWGHKUH during checkout at Amazon. This deal is the best we've seen.

HooToo 6-in-1 USB-C hub

HooToo 6-in-1 USB-C hub

Today's discounted cost is a small price to pay for so much convenience. In fact, it's the smallest in this product's history when you clip the coupon on this USB-C hub's product page and then enter the promo code below during checkout.

This 6-in-1 USB-C hub is compatible with all sorts of USB-C laptops. It features a charging port, a 4K HDMI port, an SD card slot, and three USB-A 3.0 ports. There's 100W Power Delivery, too, so the hub can support pass-through charging. The ports are the perfect combination for most customers. You can easily use, say, a Logitech Unifying Receiver, a phone charging cable, and a flash drive simultaneously. The manufacturer backs your new product with an 18-month warranty, and there are plenty of positive customer reviews too.

I actually have a hub from this brand and I love it. I use it every day, and it doesn't get too hot, nor is it slow to connect. My one gripe is that the design's a little wonky. I move my computer around quite frequently, and the heavier end of my hub can sometimes partially slip out of my MacBook's Thunderbolt port. It doesn't happen frequently, but if you work on the go, it may be something to keep in mind. The hub also has a light that glows, but if I'm using my laptop in the dark, I simply flip the hub over and have the light facing down. Reversible connectivity FTW! Note that neither issue wouldn't prevent me from buying the product again, and it shouldn't deter you either.

If you're on the hunt for discounted tech, then you should definitely be paying attention to Prime Day 2019. We expect to see lots of deals on products like this.

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