Tim Cook says Apple working on bringing Apple Pay to China

Tim Cook at Foxconn
Tim Cook at Foxconn (Image credit: Apple)

Tim Cook reiterated the importance of the Chinese market on the last day of his trip to China, saying that Apple wants everything they do to work in the country. This includes Apple Pay. While Apple is in the process of figuring out how the payment system will work in China, Cook said that they need to understand completely what needs to happen to actually get the payment system to work in the country, according to Xinhuanet:

He said he wants to understand the necessary steps to bring Apple Pay to China before he summoning local networks, banks, and merchants to work together to make this happen.

Cook also spoke about the Apple Watch, saying that he believes that customers will wonder how they ever lived without it. When asked about Wednesday's meeting with Vice Premiere Ma Kai regarding security, Cook said that he found their dialogue "very open".

This week's trip included the meeting with Vice Premiere Kai, along with a quick stop at a Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou.

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Source: Xinhuanet

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