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Finishing off our TiPb GRAND PRIX and coming up the backstretch, we give you Moto Chaser (available from iTunes for $5.99) versus Auto Contra Sense (also available from iTunes for $1.99)! So we must ask again, who is going to get the checkered flag this time? Will it be the game with a throw-back to Road Rash-like gameplay or the one with a Spy Hunter type feel? See how they compare in Heat #3 of TiPb's GRAND PRIX!

The Race Starts After the Break!

First Impressions

These two games are quite different. On one hand you have a no holds-barred, white knuckle racer, on the other, you have a slower paced methodical racing game that has more in line with a puzzler. Which will win?

Moto Chaser: This game is brought to you by Freeverse, Inc. This games boasts plenty of speed and excitement as you try your best to complete racing through a level as fast as you can! You earn extra time by clearing checkpoints, you can punch other bikers on the read (a-la Road Rash) and grab speed boost coins for that turbo-burst of wheelie speed that you will need to make it to the end of the level. 

Auto Contra Sense: This game is brought to you by Sonseo, Inc. (no, not the coffee machine company). This game is quite challenging! You must maneuver your car around traffic tilting the iPhone forward and to the side collecting coins and getting to the end of the level in one piece, and with a high score!

Graphics and Sound

Moto Chaser: This game moves fast and you really have a sense of speed in this game. You are typically going up and over hills, jumps and straight-always trying to get to a checkpoint. The graphics are quite good, placing it somewhere on the low-end PSP game, which is not too bad! I noticed little pop-up and there is plenty of scenery to absorb from bridges to lakes, this game is a beauty. The only detractor appeared in occasional slowdown when you went of course; the smoke appears to slow things down, however, since it happened every time, this could very well be intentional.

This game has an awesome soundtrack! There are rock tunes galore. Nothing I noticed by any existing recording artists, but very fun with melody and plenty of guitar!

Auto Contra Sense: This game is dramtically slower pace with 2D graphics in a top-down view. The graphics are simple and rather bland. You can change the look of your car to four different styles and color schemes, but they do not impact gameplay. I would really like to be more descriptive, but regardless of the level, your screen never really changes from what you see here. There is very little music in this game too. However, there are nice, subtle touches like when a truck is coming at you, the iPhone vibrates and you hear a honk from the oncoming vehicle.


div>Graphics and Sound Result: Both graphics and sound from Moto Chaser trump Auto Contra Sense; it really can't even be a comparison. Auto Contra Sense does have the added nuances mentioned above in the sound department, but it is not enough to win this fight. 


Moto Chaser: To accelerate, you tap and hold the gas button located in the lower right screen. From there, simply tilt the iPhone left and right. At first, I really over compensated with the controls, but after a few minutes, I began to adjust to the sensitivity. In time, the controls become second nature. To pause, simply double-tap the timer in the top center of the screen. 

Auto Contra Sense: This game has unique controls; there is no accelerator or steering buttons. Instead, you tilt the iPhone forward and back to accelerate and decelerate then left and right to steer. Since the pace of the game is slow paced, these controls work well. As you avoid traffic and picking up coins for points, the accelerometer in the iPhone does a great job of sensing the slightest change in motion to ensure that you avoid the next on coming vehicle headed your way. However, the collision detection in the game is a little less accurate. If you so much as touch a pixel on another car, your car is destroyed and you lose a life. This aspect of the game really tested my patients. Even though the graphics are simple, it is fun to play until you have lost your twentieth life by barely touching the front left pixel of an on coming vehicle. 

Controls Result: I have to give this one to Moto Chaser as well. Even though there was a bit more of a learning curve to play, in the end, it was more rewarding due to its accuracy. I just got too frustrated with the Auto Contra Sense. Any progress I built up was immediately lost upon grazing a vehicle.

Gameplay and Value

Moto Chaser: This game can be purchased for $5.99 in iTunes and the App Store. I feel this is a great value for what you are getting. There are similar titles on the iPhone that have a $9.99 price tag on them. The tense checkpoint style gameplay in Moto Chaser is quite enjoyable. You can select multiple characters to play and can unlock several levels with different locations and graphics. If you like fast-time based games, Moto Chaser will deliver. 

Auto Contra Sense: This game can be purchased for $1.99 in iTunes and the App Store. If you are looking for a little frustrating distraction, give Auto Contra Sense a spin. The simple gameplay is addictive and can be very rewarding. There is even a training mode with unlimited lives. As the game progresses to high levels, the oncoming traffic begin to behave like drunk drivers, swerving in lanes, almost trying to take you out; this definitely adds to the challenge. For $1.99, this game is an almost impulse purchase. 

Gameplay and Value Result: Even at the higher price, I just had more fun with Moto Racer. Auto Contra Sense is a good game, but I want to come back and try to beat my times on Moto Racer. This is compelling gaming!


If you are looking for a game to show of the graphical awesomeness of the iPhone, get Moto Chaser. Not the prettiest game but it is a really good example of a fun portable game. If you are more methodical in your gaming, you might want to try Auto Contra Sense. Auto Contra Sense does of the ability to upload your score to compare to other players, almost giving this game a puzzle-like quality. 

In the end, if I have to choose Moto Chaser as this heat's winner. Presentation, gameplay and graphics are top notch on this racer!

WINNER: Moto Chaser!