Today's top 5 is directed towards iPhone users who travel for work, for fun, or for a little bit of both. From booking to preparing, finding your way to finding your food, and keeping yourself entertained while go, the iPhone really does have plenty of apps for all of that. Just like our other top 5 must-have iPhone app posts, all of these applications are available in the App Store. For the full run down, follow us after the break!


Tripit [free - iTunes link] is an iPhone front-end to the free TripIt.com online service. With TripIt, once you book your online hotel and flight information, you just forward them the email and they automagically create a itinerary for you include flight times, airport maps, hotel maps, etc. Basically, all you travel has belong to them -- but they'll package and present it to you in a hyper convenient and consolidated manner.

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If you're a hardcore traveler, TripIt.com also provides a pro version with added functionality.


Alternative: WorldMate [free - iTunes link] or [$14.99 - iTunes link], recommended by Alli.

Appigo Todo

Making a list and checking it twice isn't just for Santa's once-a-year trip, it's for everyone who needs to keep track of what to pack, where they want to go, and what they want to see. Appigo's Todo Lite [free - iTunes link] is a great starting point for task and list manager, and if you need more, there's a full version of Todo [$9.99 - iTunes] with a feature set that syncs with just about everything.

Appigo Todo

Alternatives: If you prefer to keep your lists in note-taking apps, check out our top 5 iPhone note apps roundup!

AT&T Navigator or NAVIGON MobileNavigator

If you're driving rather than flying, turn-by-turn navigation and your sense of direction is anything other than perfect, turn-by-turn navigation is a must and there are two major types for you to choose from -- online vs. on-device and subscription vs. paid outright.

AT&T Navigator [subscription - iTunes link] provides online maps and if you only need them for a summer road-trip through areas with good AT&T coverage, you can pay $9.99 grab it and go. (Powered by TeleNav, you can find other carrier-branded versions, like Rogers Navigator in Canada, in international App Store).

AT&T Navigator

If you're going off-grid, however, you'll have to go offline and NAVIGON provides everything from the 1.5GB North America [$79.00 - iTunes link] to (for example) just the US East Coast ($29.00 - iTunes link]. They have a variety of international versions as well.


Alternative: whmurray recommends the built-in Maps app, which isn't turn-by-turn but is GPS-enabled and powered by Google.


Yes, it's complete overkill and yes, there are a numerous free/cheap ways to find restaurants with your iPhone but once in a while when you're traveling you just want to do it in style and that's ZAGAT To Go [$9.99 a year - iTunes link]. You get ratings and reviews from ZAGAT's famous guide, and an offline mode so you can download it all to your iPhone, iPod touch (or iPad -- it's a universal binary!).


Alternative: Yelp [free - iTunes link] was suggested by Jamesus.


It's built right into your iPhone and iPod touch (separated as Music and Video) and can keep you entertained with music, audio books, TV shows, movies, and podcasts everywhere from the airport to the airplane, hotel to restaurant. You can either transfer your own media from home before you leave or use the iTunes Store app to buy and rent the latest from Hollywood or download the best free content on the go. When Apple said the iPhone was the best iPod they'd ever made, they weren't exaggerating. (Sure, the iPad gets 10 hours of video out of its battery, but it's still not easy to pocket as the iPhone!)


Alternative: If you've got a SlingBox at home and want to keep up with your local sports teams or favorite shows while you're out of town, SlingPlayer Mobile [$29.99 - iTunes link] will transport your TV to your iPhone anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 3G signal.


Well there you have them, our top 5 iPhone travel apps. Did we many any of your favorites? Be sure to check out our iPhone App and Games Forum for more of our members' recommendations, and leave yours in the thread -- or in the comments below!

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