Netatmo helps you know more about your home inside and out with weather monitoring devices and security cameras. These Wi-Fi-connected devices can keep track of the weather and your in-home environment with an array of sensors. If you're interested in weather monitoring or just want to keep an eye on things inside, Netatmo has some great Black Friday deals.

Netatmo's weather station comes with both an indoor sensor and one for the outside. The indoor sensor also has CO2 monitoring, so you can keep an eye on the air quality at home. You can even add more sensors like the anemometer to track wind speed and direction or a rain gauge. Netatmo also makes a selection of security cameras. The Security Camera Outdoor has a 1080p picture and can record video locally to an SD card and transmit it to a smartphone.

One nice thing about Netatmo's Weather Station is that it works with HomeKit and Alexa. If you've taken advantage of any of the best Black Friday HomeKit deals, your Netatmo will work with it.

Make your home smarter with 20% off Netatmo

Netatmo Smart Weather Station in silver on a white background

Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor | 19% off

Keep track of the weather inside and outside with this smart weather station. You can also contribute to Netatmo's weather map to provide accurate weather information around the globe. You can also add more modules for more precision, including a rain and wind gauge.

$120.10 at Amazon
Netatmo Indoor Module

Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station | 19% off

Want more precision with your weather station? Add an additional indoor module so you can keep track of more of your home.

$63.99 at Amazon
Netatmo Anemometer

Netatmo Smart Anemometer | 21% off

Add wind speed and wind direction information to your weather station with this Netatmo Smart Anemometer.

$72.23 at Amazon
Netatmo Module Mount

Rain & Wind Gauge Mount by Netatmo | 20% OFF

Make it easier to mount your gauges with this mount. Simply use the included pipe clamps to attach the mount to a pole outside. The mount is adjustable and has standard camera threading, so there's a good chance it can be used even after you upgrade your equipment.

$19.99 at Amazon
Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera

Security Camera Outdoor by Netatmo | 20% off

This outdoor camera comes equipped with an SD card for local storage, a floodlight, and motion detection. With this camera, you can keep an eye on what's going on outside, and it can even work as a light replacement.

$239.99 at Amazon

While the main focus of Netatmo's deals is its weather devices, you can also keep an eye on things at home with an outdoor security camera. This security camera requires no paid subscriptions and can record directly to an SD card in the camera. There's also a light built-in, so you can use it as a replacement for an outside light or add a little more light to one side of your home with a motion sensor.

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