Transport for London rolling out contactless payment support this September

Transport of London (TfL) has today announced that the capital's public transport network will accept contactless payments from September 16. Buses already support the payment method, while the London Overground, Underground, DLR and Tram networks will be upgraded. This will enable the general public to utilize their contactless payment cards or even a smartphone with NFC (unfortunately, currently not an iPhone) to access the transport network in London.

Working in a similar way to the pay as you go Oyster cards, the fare will be charged touching in and then out at the end of a journey (unless you're boarding a bus when it's just a single touch-in). The same daily or Monday to Sunday caps will still be in effect. However, if you find yourself purchasing Travelcards and season passes, you'll still need to use the trust blue card currently still in operation. That, and if you utilize NFC, you'll have to keep topping up supporting wallet apps. Currently, EE has announced support with its Android app.

Do you view this move as an upgrade for the TfL network?

Source: Pocket-lint

Rich Edmonds