TripIt for iPhone and iPad review: Track flights, flyer miles, car rentals, and more in one place

If you're planning on taking a vacation anytime soon or in the near future, you're probably already aware that there are typically lots of documents and information involved. Everything from boarding passes to rental car reservations to hotel reservations to anything else you may be planning. Keeping all of it straight can be a headache.

That's where TripIt comes in to help you stay organized and keep everything all in one place.

TripIt is basically an all in one travel planner directly on your iPhone and iPad. Not only do you have the ability to enter your flight information, but TripIt will actually auto-fill info upon arrival to your airline. Outside of just tracking flights, you can also track reservations for things such as car rentals and hotel reservations. Therefore, you eliminate some clutter from your life and gain the ability of entering all your information into one place for easy reference anytime you need it.

Creating a trip in TripIt is dead simple. Just enter some basic details like where you're going and when you're returning and you're already started. From there you can enter as much or as little information as you want. Outside of organizing actual travel details, you can also enter meeting information and receive notifications when events are coming up with TripIt Pro. This makes TripIt not only good for vacations, but for business trips as well.

TripIt offers a premium subscriptions called TripIt Pro as an in-app purchase for $49 a year in order to track other things such as frequent flyer miles on your credit cards. You can then view when your miles expire and how many you have at any given time. TripIt Pro is an add-on and not require but definitely a must have for anyone who travels semi-frequently to frequently.

The good

  • Easy to use interface that makes entering information quick and painless
  • Push notifications for upcoming flights, events, reservations, and more with TripIt Pro
  • Pro option allows you to track even more things such as frequent flier miles
  • Inner Circle feature allows anyone you'd like to have automatic access to your travel plans (requires Pro membership)

The bad

  • No complaints

The bottom line

If you travel frequently or find yourself overwhelmed with keeping track of flight information and reservations for vacations, TripIt is a must have. For those who travel constantly, TripIt makes mapping out your trips painless and is well worth the $49 a year price tag to track virtually everything you'd need as well as receive notifications on the go.

Before planning your next vacation, definitely give TripIt a look when it comes time for keeping track of all those bookings and reservations.

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