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Tweetbot for Mac currently unavailable from the Mac App Store

Tweetbot for Mac, one of the more popular Twitter apps for OS X, is currently unavailable from the Mac App Store. That's led to some speculation about what might have happened. Since there's been no official word Twitter or from the developer, Tapbots as to cause, any and all of it remains just that: speculation.

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We'll update if an when more information becomes available. Until then, if you're trying to buy Tweetbot from the Mac App Store, you'll just have to sit tight.

Best case it's just a super annoying glitch somewhere and Tweetbot for Mac be back up and available again soon.

Rene Ritchie

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  • We can hope it's just an annoying glitch, but I fear we may be seeing the fruits of Twitter's labor to drive out 3rd party apps through caps on users. Shame. Twitter became popular on the backs of these wonderful devs, and frankly, I think the native apps and the web interface are terrible in terms of usability. Rather than drive out those who made Twitter possible, I'd hope they could just find a better way to make money rather than driving everyone to the confusing, below average experience that is the native interfaces. If I was restricted to just the official apps/web, I doubt I'd use Twitter anywhere close to what I do now.
  • Someone has a control issue. I'm not quite sure why they don't create API's for whatever new features they make (ads, etc) and require 3rd parties to use them. I too use Twitter much more because of Tweetbot's excellent search and other features than I would have if using the native app (which you find sucks when you've used a much better one).
  • I stay away from Twitter. I seems like just so much noise. I get plenty of that while checking in on Facebook a couple of times a week, which I do only because my family is there...
  • I admit that there is a lot of activity from sources I could care less about, but I follow who I want to and can ignore the rest. Also, 3rd party apps make it easier (usually) to create lists that I use to separate accounts into groups for easier perusal. I prefer Twitter to Facebook just because I can mute/unfollow/follow people without them feeling heartbroken (unlike Facebook), but if I had to interact with Twitter through their own apps or website, I'd use it a lot less. They seem to have no idea how to build a useful UI for the non-novice Twitter user, and whether it ends up biting them is yet to be seen. But if it ever comes to there being no 3rd party apps and they haven't upped their game in the UI department, they'll most likely lose users like me.
  • I hope it's not a sign of death for third party apps. I love Tweetbot, especially for the way it curates lists. I happily paid for every version they've got. However, I've found that the devs are not all that responsive. I understand it's just a couple of guys, not a whole company or whatnot. But Tweetbot for iPad is still pre-iOS 7. There are rarely any updates to any of the apps. And not a whole lot of interaction on their Twitter account. Maybe the writing is on the wall one way or another.
  • I think this is a Tweetbot specific issue. Twitterrific is working fine on both my iPhone and iPad and gets frequently updated (most recently today).
  • If they can't make money any more on this, maybe this will light a fire up their butt to make a Tweetbot 3 for iPad.
  • Someone has been drinking heavily!! lol
  • I've been a little worried, given that OS X Yosemite has been out for 4 months and there hasn't been a Tweetbot OS X update to support 10.10. I hope it's just a glitch.