Tweetbot for Mac updated with profile cover photo support, media timelines, and more

Tweetbot for Mac has just been updated with a few new features as well as some minor bug fixed. The most notable additions are media timeline view which lines up now with the iPhone and iPad version, profile cover image support, and some changes to tweet views.

The largest new feature in the 1.3 update is the addition of the new media timeline. This view filters all your tweets to only show those with media attached. To access the media timeline, just open Tweetbot and type cmd + f and you'll see a search bar drop down and to the right of that you'll be able to toggle between media and regular timeline views.

Other changes include a reworked tweet detail screen that now shows information on retweets and favorites. You'll also notice support for profile cover images that wasn't there before. Some other minor enhancements have also been made in regards to how you can interact with profiles and timelines. Mainly how certain click actions will scroll to the top or return you to a different view.

If you've installed the update and notice anything not mentioned in the release notes, let us know in the comments below

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.