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What you need to know

  • Two new eufy indoor cameras launch next month.
  • They're both going to be available for pre-order next week.
  • Both of them are HomeKit-compatible.

Anker's eufy brand has announced a pair of new indoor cameras, both of which will support HomeKit out of the box. The IndoorCam 2K and IndoorCam Pan 2K are both inexpensive options, too.

How inexpensive? The IndoorCam 2K costs $39.99 with the pan and tilt version selling for $49.99.

Eufy Indoorcam 2k LineupSource: eufy

Both of the cameras offer very similar functionality including a 2K resolution and enhanced night vision capabilities, plus two-way audio for those times when you want to tell those kids to get off your lawn. You'll get things like real-time notifications and such, not to mention multi-user access.

Where things differ is in the camera itself. While the IndoorCam 2K doesn't move, the IndoorCam Pan 2K does – 360° horizontal panning, 100° vertical tilting, 8x zooming, to be specific.

Both of these cameras will be available for pre-order form April 13 with hardware expected to start shipping to buyers in the middle of May.




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