Uber publishes simplified privacy statements, explains app permissions

If you're a fan of Uber, but you're concerned with what it is doing with your information, the company has just published new, simpler privacy statements that cut out a majority of the legal jargon while clearly spelling out why it needs certain permissions on your device (opens in new tab). Uber also the opportunity to lay out some changes to its policies that account for new services and how it may use the information in the future:

In the interest of transparency we also want to highlight some changes to our policies, which cover new services, such as UberEATS, as well as potential new use cases. For example, these changes would allow Uber to ask for access to a rider's location when the app is running in the background and get people on their way more quickly. In addition, these changes would allow Uber to launch new promotional features that use contacts — for example the ability to send special offers to riders' friends or family. In either case, users will be in control: they will be able to choose whether to share the data with Uber.

Overall, the new privacy statements make it much easier to understand what not only riders, but also drivers are agreeing to when they sign up to use the service. If you'd like to check them out in full you can do so here. If you're interested in just what Uber does with those permissions that it requests, you can check that out as well (opens in new tab).

Source: Uber (opens in new tab)