Google Voice Search

Update: The App Store is now pushing out the update. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you don't see the microphone icon immediately in the top right corner, tap the Settings button at the bottom right, and switch the slider to "Enabled".

Original post:

Well, it's definitely later than last Friday, but it doesn't look like anyone, including Apple, delayed this long: Google's Mobile App (iTunes link) now includes the much talked about Advanced Voice Search feature... sorta.

According to Jeremy, iTunes isn't pushing the update yet, and you actually have to delete the app first if you've already installed it in order to get the latest, greatest, chattiest version on your iPhone. (Yup, you read correctly, this isn't a new App, but an update to Google's existing iPhone search App.)

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Of course, I don't have an iPhone right now, but if you do, try it out, ask it just how tall Everest really is, and let us know what kind of response you get!

And for you privacy advocates out there, is the coolness factor of this enough to give Skynet, er... The Matrix, um... Google access to your voice ID?

(Thanks to Trevor, Josh, Craig, Bob, for sending this in!)

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