US National Parks and other federal services will support Apple Pay come September

Today saw the United States federal government announce that they intend to support Apple Pay with their own payment cards, but a more consumer-facing Apple Pay implementation is coming as well later this year. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking at a cyber security summit organized by the White House, various branches of the federal government will start accepting Apple Pay payments in September.

Yes, you might get to pay for your next visit to Yosemite National Park (the real one, not the OS X version with Apple Pay. Apart from the National Park Service, other agencies and institutions of the government including the museums of the Smithsonian Institution, stamps at the United States Postal Service, fees to Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the gift shop at the Kennedy Space Center could all be poised to accept Apple's contactless payments system by the end of the year. But probably not your taxes.

Source: Re/code

Derek Kessler

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