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Victoria's Secret comes to iPad

Victoria's Secret launched their iPad app a few days ago and it has already soared into the #1 position on the Top Free iPad Apps chart. As if having the store's catalogue at your fingertips wasn't sexy enough, the Victoria's Secret app also brings you photo shoots, fashion show exclusives, TV commercials, special events and the ability to stalk up-to-the-minute coverage of their supermodels.

  • Insider access - supermodel secrets, commercial sets, photo shoots, behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive videos of the VS fashion show
  • Browse the catalogue - tap the image of an item you like to add it to your shopping cart on Victoria's Secret's website
  • Find the nearest Victoria's Secret store - you know, for those times you traveled out of state for a wedding and realized you forgot to pack your strapless bra
  • Share with friends - Post VS pics, videos and stories directly to Twitter and Facebook

You may not of thought it possible, but yes, your iPad just got sexier.

I assume that the Victoria's Secret app is already #1 because of all the selfless men in the world who have download it to their iPads for their wives and girlfriends. Am I right?

[Free - iTunes link (opens in new tab), via TUAW]

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  • no iPhone love??
  • Nevermind, just actually searched and it's already there :)
  • Best. App. Ever.
  • +1
  • The Victoria's Secret catalog just might end up being the last widely-distributed publication still printed on paper. You heard it here first.
  • iPhone version please? For some small screen goodness?!
  • Why not an iPhone version?
    There is a pretty darn good chance that I would download this app for my 4. here i recommend a very good app which named aneesoft ipad converter for all movie lovers.
  • ...and yet Apple bans photo jiggling apps on sanctimonious concerns. (Not that I care one way or the other on Victoria's Secret or the tamer little-shop apps that have been rejected, but the hypocrisy is galling.)
  • I think pink and victoria's seceret should make phone cases