Vine now supplies you with beats for your looping videos

Vine is allowing its user base to add music to their loops. Featured artists will supply the beats to add a new dimension to your submitted content. Once you've finished capturing a new video on your smartphone, which in itself is now easier with the new Snap to Beat feature, the network will provide a selection of songs that can be added to the looping video.

Checking out what music is available through Vine is one way to discover new music, and there will be a small note icon on any looping video that contains a featured track. This icon will take you to a desired location on the internet set by the artist – it could be their blog, store listing or social media profiles. It's a neat way to checking out what the track is without having to rely on others for said details.

The news is perfect for those who either had to rely on external resources to add notes to their videos, or found it hard to really form a seamless loop for others to enjoy. If you're interested in learning more about the new features, be sure to give the official blog post a read. The update isn't quite live yet on the store, but we're sure it'll not be long.

Source: Vine

Rich Edmonds