Apple Vision Pro could one day be used during surgery — top exec touts future applications in leaked meeting

Apple Vision Pro headset, launched at WWDC in California.
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As Apple Vision Pro pre-orders come online ahead of the device launch in February, the company’s top exec in charge of the product has told employees the device could one day be used during surgery, to train technicians and aircraft mechanics, and more.

Apple’s new spatial computing headset, unveiled in 2023, will be available to pre-order from Friday, January 19, and promises a plethora of new entertainment, education, and collaboration experiences for work and beyond.

However, Apple also has a… ahem… vision… for uses of the device in the future. This week, Apple execs Mike Rockwell and Alan Dye told Apple employees about some of the use cases we might see for Vision Pro in the future.

 The leaked future of Vision Pro 

As reported by Bloomberg, a video sent to Apple employees this week included a response to some of the “cool” ways people might be able to use the headset in the future. To that end, Rockwell responded stating “Oftentimes, surgeons struggle to look at displays during procedures, where information is spread out… Apple Vision Pro could bring all of that together and hopefully improve patient outcomes.” 

Beyond one day going under the knife of a Vision Pro-wielding surgeon, you might also get to fly with an airline that trains its mechanics using the spatial computing headset. According to Bloomberg, “Technicians or aircraft mechanics could use it to get ‘high-quality training in ways they’ve never been able to experience before,’ Rockwell said.” He added that he was “very excited about what we can do in learning and education because it is another superpower of Apple Vision Pro,” and told staff that Vision Pro is “a tool, not a toy.”

The leak from Bloomberg this week also revealed that Apple Store employees will get a nice 25% discount on Apple Vision Pro. The Apple store is already down ahead of pre-orders, which begin at 8 am ET on Friday, January 19. 

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