It just got a lot easier to decide if Vision Pro is for you

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The Vision Pro's price may put you off buying one, but you may also be struggling to work out how it fits into your daily life or workflow.

An Apple device is, in many ways, only as good as its available apps (just look at the iPhone or iPad), and it can be difficult to ascertain which of your favorite tools makes the jump to visionOS.

Thankfully, it just got a lot easier. As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple has launched a web-based version of the Vision Pro app store that you can find here. This works alongside the previous system of being able to look at apps individually.

That makes it much simpler to flick through available apps when making a purchasing decision - although it's still not quite as easy as picking up an iPhone or MacBook since you'll still need to have your headset sized.

Vision Pro home screen

It'll be much easier to find your favorite Vision Pro apps. (Image credit: Future / Apple)

Vision Pro App Store curation matches other platforms

Depending on who you ask, Apple's App Store curation is second-to-none or confusing, but here the company has kept things uniform across its platforms.

The Vision Pro's web-based App Store (say that 10 times fast) has categories for new releases, popular weekly releases, and apps you shouldn't miss, as well as genre/type groupings for Productivity, Sports, Entertainment and other standard categories.

iPhone and iPad Games have their own section, likely to help differentiate them from native visionOS ones, while Apple Arcade has its own subhead.

You'll also find the latest editorial 'Stories' that you'll find on other platforms, grouping together similar apps but also highlighting nifty "Vision Pro Picks".

We'd best get to updating our Vision Pro app list.

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  • gian posatiere
    I have never seen anyone say Apple's App Store curation is second-to-none or even good most people say it's not horrible to it's an abomination.