Watch comic legend Jim Lee draw Batman and Joker on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil!

All-Star Batman and the Joker — on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Jim Lee, the man who re-made the X-Men legend for a new generation, co-founded Image Comics, and currently co-publisher of DC Comics, just got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and decided to try them out on two icons: Batman and the Joker. Lee used Procreate, one of our favorite drawing apps, and posted the images and the recordings on Instagram.

Update: Now with Wonder Woman!

What I love so much about iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is that, as a longtime artist, it's easy to pick up and just start using. It makes the analog to digital leap into little more than a step. The tool gets out of the way and it's just you and what you're creating. And that's incredibly liberating.

When you're at Jim Lee's level, it's also just incredibly cool.