Watch comic legend Jim Lee draw Batman and Joker on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil!

Jim Lee, the man who re-made the X-Men legend for a new generation, co-founded Image Comics, and currently co-publisher of DC Comics, just got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and decided to try them out on two icons: Batman and the Joker. Lee used Procreate, one of our favorite drawing apps, and posted the images and the recordings on Instagram.

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Update: Now with Wonder Woman!

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What I love so much about iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is that, as a longtime artist, it's easy to pick up and just start using. It makes the analog to digital leap into little more than a step. The tool gets out of the way and it's just you and what you're creating. And that's incredibly liberating.

When you're at Jim Lee's level, it's also just incredibly cool.

Rene Ritchie

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