watchOS 4.3 brings some great tiny features and improvements to Apple Watch, including music control for your iPhone, new animations, portrait Nightstand mode, and more. Here's a quick breakdown of everything that's new and changed in watchOS 4.3!


  • You can now choose between controlling your Apple Watch's local music, music on your iPhone, or music on your HomePod
  • You can control volume, play/pause, and song choice on any of these three options
  • AirPlay now lists the Apple Watch itself as "Speaker" next to any compatible Bluetooth headphones (or your HomePod)
  • You can now choose your iPhone's AirPlay output from Apple Watch


  • Nightstand Mode will display in Portrait or Landscape orientation
  • There's a new delightful charging animation

Watch Faces, Apps, and Security

  • The Siri watch face will pop up with messages about your Activity Rings progress and when your Apple Music mixes update
  • New app-launching animation
  • New icon when using the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac

Bug fixes

  • Fixes the issue where some users got Activity achievements without actually doing the challenge
  • Fixes a problem where Siri music commands wouldn't work

Any features I've missed?

Found anything cool about watchOS 4.3 that I've missed? Drop it in the comments.

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