What happens when you complete the Isle of Armor Pokédex?

Isle Of Armor Pokedex
Isle Of Armor Pokedex (Image credit: iMore)

Pokémon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor expansion comes with its own Pokédex. The Isle of Armor Pokédex has 210 Pokémon, consisting of a mix of Pokémon from the Galar Pokédex, Pokémon you can catch on the Isle of Armor, and Kubfu and Urshifu. If you completed the Galar Pokédex, you'll have just over 100 Pokémon to add to complete the Isle of Armor Pokédex. Here's what you get as a reward for completing it.

To get all three of these rewards, you need to complete the Isle of Armor Pokédex and speak to the scientist in the white lab coat at Armor Station.

Mark Charm

Pokemon Sword Shield Mark Charm 4

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Marks are unique signifiers that appear on some Pokémon that you catch in the wild. They don't appear on Pokémon hatched from eggs or given as gifts. When you complete your Isle of Armor Pokédex, you receive a Mark Charm. This item increases the chances of you finding Pokémon with marks. Unlike shiny Pokémon, you can't tell if a Pokémon has a mark until after you catch it. You can attach a mark to a Pokémon to change the title that appears when you send them into battle.

Replica Gold Crown

Pokemon Sword Shield Replica Gold Crown 4

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It's nice to be able to show off that you've completed the Isle of Armor Pokédex. When you complete it, you'll get a Replica Gold Crown you can wear around.

A lovely certificate

Pokedex Certificate

Pokedex Certificate (Image credit: iMore)

The scientist at the Armor Station also gives you a certificate commemorating your completion of the Isle of Armor Pokédex. You can check out this certificate any time you want by speaking to the same scientist again.


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