Men like to exercise a certain way (just as women do) and there may be certain aspects of fitness that men like to track more than others. If you're looking for a Fitbit or looking for one to buy your guy, then these are your best choices!

Best Fitbit for the jogging gentleman: Charge 2

Us dudes, bro, we like to run. After babes, after food trucks, after our feelings (just kidding, we run away from those — Stereotypes, am I right?!). We sometimes like to run with our Fitbits on. Which Fitbit is best for these occasions?

The Charge 2 has replaced the old Charge HR and makes some major improvements in some key areas. The Charge 2 still comes with Fitbit's built-in PurePulse technology, which monitors and reports your heart rate while you're on the go. Plus, it can still monitor you're sleeping, so feel free to take that post-jog afternoon nap.

You don't have to pull out your smartphone to check the time or see who's calling you because the Charge 2 has you covered with a tap-activated OLED display, which is much larger now, that will show you the time of day and call notifications as they come through.

When you're in the zone and hitting the last mile before you reach home, you don't want the distraction of having to whip out your phone to see who's calling and/or how long you've been running. Get the Charge 2 and keep going! Pricing starts around $150.

Best Fitbit for weight-lifting and sports-playing sirs: Versa

If your man's out getting his swell on and super serial about shredding, or if he's hitting the links or the baseball diamond, he needs a Fitbit that can keep up with him.

The Versa is just that — I mean, half the word "versatile" is in its name. The newest Fitbit is essentially a fitness-focused smartwatch, with a baked-in heart rate monitor, four-day battery life, and over 15 exercise modes, which let you track specific workouts, like running, biking, or weightlifting. You'll get real-time stats, as well as post-workout summaries, helping the guy in your life get a better overall picture of his health.

The Versa is also swimproof and can even track swims, including laps, duration, and calories burned. It also comes with all the other smartwatch goodies your guy can use, like notifications and quick replies, and you can download all your favorite fitness, finance, and sports apps. You can even store over 300 songs so that your music is with you through every workout.

Not too shabby for $200.

Best Fitbit for all the things: Ionic

The Ionic is the powerhouse of the Fitbit cell. It's Fitbit's $300 smartwatch extraordinaire that comes complete with onboard GPS, a heart rate monitor, the ability to download all your favorite apps, and Fitbit's "Dynamic Personal Coaching," which will guide you, step by step, through workouts and routines that adapt based on your feedback.

You can store music, the battery lasts for days, and there are tons of band options to help make this so much more than your fitness tracker. Using Fitbit Pay, you can pay for stuff without whipping out your wallet, and you can see notifications and make quick replies, so that you never have to stop your workout or meeting to stay connected.

There are three color options to choose from off the bat, and a whole host of interchangeable bands to pick from as well.

The brass tacks ('cause those are manly)

Get the device that's best tailored to your workout habits. I mean, he did contribute to half of your DNA. Grab the Fitbit that works best for him, or let him choose one himself.

Check out our article on the best Fitbits for women for the other side of the coin.

Fitbit Ionic

It's pricey, but it offers some greatly expanded features. Check it out at Fitbit

Updated May 2018: Swapped in the Versa and Ionic for the Surge and Blaze, since the latter two will no longer receive updates (and the new guys are so much cooler anyway).



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