Your husband or boyfriend finally gets home on Saturday afternoon and he's wearing this thing on his wrist. He brandishes his wrist at you, excited to show you his new toy. He explains that it's a Fitbit fitness tracker and runs through all of its features. He tells you that he wants to get you one, too, because you've both been talking about getting healthier, and wouldn't it be fun to compete with each other to see who can take the most steps during the day?

You look at the monstrosity on his wrist and you feel a little faint. Relax. Fitbit has eight different models to choose from, some which can double for high fashion jewelry with the right accessories. Let's take a look at the four daintiest Fitbits:

Fitbit Flex


With its slim and flexible shape and its unparallelled customization, you can wear your Flex all day as you work and play and transition seamlessly into a night on the town. It doesn't skimp on the types of activities it tracks, either. It's a fully functional fitness tracker which documents your steps, calories burned, distance, sleep, and active minutes.

While it doesn't have a screen, the small tracker can be removed and inserted in accessories that make it look like a piece of fashion jewelry. It also comes in a wide variety of colors out of the box: black, gray, pink, lime green, hot pink, navy blue, orange, mint green, red and blue.

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Fitbit Alta


The Alta is a slender wristband tracker that packs a punch in terms of features. Like the Flex, its tracker can be removed and inserted in accessory wristbands that change its aesthetics completely. It can go from a functional, no-nonsense look to a glamorous upscale image by changing the wristband to one that resembles a metal bracelet. In addition to accessory wristbands, you can completely customize the clock face.

In terms of functionality, the Alta tracks all of the important stuff, like steps, distance, sleep, and active minutes and combines that with reminders that gently prod you to move and reward you when you do. You can also forget about having to log your workouts into the Fitbit app — with SmartTrack and exercise mode, the Alta does this for you.

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Fitbit Zip


If you would rather not wear a tracker on your wrist, and you want to keep it simple, then the cute little Zip is a good choice for you. It tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. It does not track sleep, however. It's small enough to clip unobtrusively to your bra, and comes in four attractive colors if you want to wear it on your belt or clothing: black, lime green, blue, and hot pink. For cuteness, the Zip can't be beat with its little smiley-face that gets bigger the more active you are throughout the day.

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Fitbit Charge HR

charge hr

So, the trackers we've looked at thus far are great for the average woman who cares about her health and wants to look good while doing it. But what the active woman who is a fitness enthusiast? If this is you, then you'll want to take a look at the Charge HR. It remains slim, so you're not wearing this bulky thing on your wrist without sacrificing enthusiast level functionality. In addition to all of the standard fitness statistics like steps, calories burned, and sleep, the Charge HR adds heart rate and floors climbed to its list of trackable data. While it doesn't offer the customization options of either the Flex or the Alta, it does come in five attractive colors: black, magenta, blue, orange, and mint green.

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Healthy is attractive

Whether you're a woman that's a dedicated gym rat or one that struggles to find time for exercise while juggling a full-time job, three kids — four if you count the husband — and a dog, there's a Fitbit to suit the way you live.

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