What's new on the App Store: How Many Saturdays, Total War Battles, and more

We start our look at new apps this week with How Many Saturdays, an app that measures your life in units like Saturdays, U.S. Presidential elections, and lightning strikes on Earth. Gigglebug's Face Race challenges your kids to copy silly into the iPhone's camera. Avvo is an app that hopes to make finding a lawyer easier. Finally, Service helps you solve problems that crop up between you and businesses.

Games this week start with Total War Battles: Kingdom, a strategy game that challenges you to manage and protect a kingdom. If arcade shooters are more your speed, check out Super Arc Light. King Rabbit is an action puzzle game in which the title character must save his subjects from his enemies. Also be sure to check out Doomsday Clicker, in which you build an underground survival bunker to ride out the end of the world, which you also cause!

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This week, the App Store is highlighting games currently running discounts on their in-app purchases. The sales can be found across a wide variety of titles, including Card Wars, the Adventure Time Card Game, which is discounting gem packs, and My NBA 2K16, which is offering a discount on its Big Foil pack. The discounts range from 25%-60% off select items for each title.

Check back next week for more new apps and games from the App Store, and remember to check out this week's Free App of the Week.

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