What's new on the App Store: Wildcard News, new strategy games, and apps for college

Leading us off this week, we have Wildcard, an app for keeping you up to date on the day's news. Musicians should take a look at Trackd, which lets you record, collaborate on, and share 8-track songs with your friends. WonderBox is all about an interactive exploration of topics such as history, science, and design. Golf fans can get into the spirit of the currenty-running PGA Championship with the PGA Championship app.

In new games this week, we have Tactile Wars, where you control a colorful army of mini-soldiers against other armies, both on and offline. Continuing on the strategy bent, we have Gameloft's latest, March of Empires. The Path to Luma has you explore worlds, solving puzzles to unlock a way to save your civilization. Finally, Adult Swim has launched the new battle card game Monsters Ate My Metropolis.

For many students, it's time to get ready to head to college, and Apple's latest collection of apps helps you with just that. Whether essential tools, like an alarm clock, or apps for finding an apartment near campus, you'll almost certainly find the app you need right here.

Check back next week for more new apps and games from the App Store, and don't forget to take a look at this week's Free App of the Week.

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