What's on Peter's Yosemite Mac dock right now!

I recently rounded up all the apps I use on my iPhone 6 regularly, and we periodically give you a peek behind the curtain at what we're using to bring you news, tips and info. So here's my roundup of stuff I use on my Yosemite Dock.

I'll admit that much of my Dock consists of apps that come with the Mac, because they're a core part of my standard workflow. I use a lot of other apps besides the ones listed below, but these are the ones that deserve a top spot in my dock.

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Peter's Yosemite Desktop

Wallpaper: Like Rene, I'm a big fan of keeping things default, because I take a lot of screenshots for articles on iMore and want things as familiar as possible for our readers.

  • Launchpad: Many people ignore Apple's Launchpad, but I actually use it quite frequently. Launchpad makes it trivially easy to find apps I need to run.

  • Mission Control: Handy when I'm switching between different windows in different apps, or managing multiple desktops.

  • Safari: My default web browser, though I do have a few extensions installed like AdBlocker and ClickToFlash, to help make the experience less insanity-inducing.

  • Mail: My default email client, even though there are arguably better choices out there.

  • Contacts: I don't actually use Contacts that frequently but still keep it in its default location.

  • Calendar: I think I'm up to a dozen calendars, between work, home, my wife and my kids. Crazy.

  • BBEdit: This is pretty much the first app I install on any new Mac. It's my text editor of choice, and has been ever since I was a cub reporter at MacCentral back in the late 90s. $49.99 - Download now

  • Notes: I'm actually surprised, after having checked, at how often I open up notes to jot something down, like a quick phone number I have to call later or another piece of ephemeral data I'll forget otherwise.

  • TweetDeck: I like TweetDeck's multi-column approach to managing tweets; it works best in conjunction with a really big external display, however. Free - Download now

  • Maps: I often find myself sending directions to my iPhone from my Mac these days.

  • Messages: Use it dozens of times a day to stay in touch with friends and family.

  • Slack: iMore's instant messaging tool of choice. We use it as a virtual editorial bullpen so we can keep apprised of what we're all doing in real-time. Free - Download now

  • Napkin: This is what we use to put together the how to's you see on iMore. $39.99 - Download now

  • iTunes: I dislike the version 12 release rather intently, but I still use it all the time.

  • iBooks: It stays here, though I use it infrequently at best.

  • App Store: Where I download many of the apps I use on my Mac.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2014: I have other image editing programs, but Adobe Photoshop stays on my Dock because it's more or less my default tool for image editing. From $9.99 per month - Download now

  • System Preferences: I keep it in the Dock but I don't actually use this icon that frequently — I usually open System Preferences from the Apple menu instead.

  • iPhoto: I'm biding my time with iPhoto (and Aperture, which I don't keep on my Dock) until Apple ships Photos for Mac in 2015.

  • Skype: I mainly use this to stay in touch with other Mobile Nations staff besides the iMore crew. Comes in handy otherwise, too. Frequently used for recording podcasts. Free - Download now

  • NetNewsWire: I've used this RSS newsreader for many years, and continue to stick with it. $10 - Download now

  • Continuity Keypad: A handy tool that lets me dial phone numbers to my Continuity-connected iPhone from my Mac, without having to open FaceTime first. Free - Download now

  • Google Chrome: Safari is my default web browser, but I also keep Firefox and Google Chrome installed when I have trouble with Safari. Free - Download now

If you have any questions about what I'm using or recommendations for apps that you think are better than what I have, lay them on me!

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