Where to find rebates on smart thermostats

Upgrading your home with a smart thermostat requires a bit of an investment. Yes, you'll get out-of-home access to your heating and cooling, you'll be able to create schedules, you'll be able to make location-based changes to your temperature settings, etc., but you're still investing a good chunk of change (and a significant amount of time) when you choose to install a smart thermostat. If you'd like to pad your purchase a bit, consider looking for a rebate! Many utility companies offer rebates for smart thermostats — you just have to know where to look!

Here's a helpful guide for finding rebates on the best smart thermostats!


ecobee4 is a smart thermostat that features remote sensors. With these remote sensors you can measure the temperature of multiple rooms — not just the room or hallway in which the thermostat is installed. As such, you get more granular control and better comfort and energy efficiency in your house.

The ecobee4 comes with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant built in, thanks to embedded microphones that feature far-field voice recognition (the same technology that makes the Amazon Echo hear you from across the room) and a speaker that makes Alexa sound loud and clear, despite coming from a thermostat fastened to your wall.

That means, on top of having all the same great features as the ecobee3 (HomeKit-enabled, satellite room sensors, energy-saving benefits), you can use the ecobee4 in the same way you'd use an Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap. Ask Alexa to set a timer, adjust the lighting, give you the steps to a recipe, play some jazz — you can do it all right from your smart thermostat.

If you've got an ecobee4 and want to check for rebates on your investment, you can visit ecobee's rebate finder page. Just pop in your Zip code and click Search:

ecobee Rebate Finder

Nest Thermostat

Whether you go with the classic Nest Learning Thermostat or newer, less-expensive Nest Thermostat E, you know you're getting premium hardware and special learning features to add to your heating and cooling setup.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes in four colors — white, copper, black, and stainless steel — and the adjustment ring around the outside of the device is made of metal. The Thermostat E comes in one color — white — and its adjustment ring is made of polycarbonate, though Nest says it's made to feel like ceramic.

Both the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Thermostat E pack in all the same functionality, save for one special feature: Farsight. Farsight uses the far-field sensor built into the Nest Learning Thermostat to detect when you walk by, lighting up to display the temperature, time, or weather.

If you can skip the far-field sensing feature and would rather have a thermostat that blends in instead of standing out, you can save money by choosing the Nest Thermostat E. That said, premium materials, multiple color options, and Farsight might be worth the extra money for some. Whichever model you choose, you can count on Nest's learning features that help you save on energy costs over time.

To save even more money, you can use Nest's rebate finder. Simply type in your Zip code and the system will present incentives in your area:

Nest rebates and rewards

Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell is a well-known home appliance company that offers several Wi-Fi connected thermostats, including three in its Lyric line. Its newest model, the Lyric Round, is an Energy Star certified thermostat that offers a simple, round design with a touchscreen display.

Like ecobee4 and Nest, Honeywell tries to cut down on energy use by intelligently applying heating and cooling at the right times. In addition to HomeKit compatibility, Lyric is also compatible with SmartThings (which is now owned by Samsung) and can be controlled through an iOS or Android app. The thermostat offers geofencing and scheduling options, notifications for things like low and high temperature and humidity, weather-based temperature control, and tools to improve energy savings.

Whether you let the thermostat adapt to your heating and cooling schedule as you go or you choose to set up a schedule from the get-go, this thermostat can help you take your mind off of the tedium that is managing your in-home heating and cooling settings.

If you'd like to save some money on your Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat, check out the thermostat rebates page. Pop in your Zip code and find your savings:

Honeywell Thermostat Rebates

Other thermostats

If your smart thermostat isn't on the list, fret not! There are still rebates available for other Wi-Fi enabled thermostats — you just have to know where to look.

Energy Star has a database of rebates and special offers for smart thermostats. Simply enter your Zip code, click Find Rebates, and you're well on your way to making back some of the money on your investment.

Energy Star Rebate Finder


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