Where to grab a cheap HDMI cable for your new Apple TV

If you don't want to fork out the $20 for a new HDMI cable from Apple, there are cheaper options to consider.

Now that the new Apple TV is available for order, you'll want to consider what HDMI cable you want to use — if you don't already have one. Apple doesn't include one in the box, because Apple. The company does offer a 5.9ft HDMI cable for $20, though, that you can add to your order. Of course, there are cheaper options out there if you're willing to order separately. Here we've listed a few HDMI cables to use with your new Apple TV that will cost you less and won't skimp on quality.

Twisted Veins 3ft HDMI Cable (3-pack)

If your Apple TV setup doesn't require much cable length you can score this 3-pack of braided HDMI cables from Twisted Veins for under 10 bucks. They support ethernet, audio return, 3D, 1080P, and feature gold connectors at each end. Also included is a 90-degree adapter for tight fits and a few 6-inch velcro ties to keep things tidy.

$9.50 at Amazon

AmazonBasics 6.5ft HDMI Cable

This 6.5ft HDMI cable from AmazonBasics is a solid substitute that will go great with your new Apple TV. It supports ethernet, 3D, 4K video and audio return — meeting HDMI 1.4 specifications. The gold-plated connectors at each end offer excellent conductivity and are resistant to corrosion. As a bonus, this cable comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

$5.49 at Amazon

Mediabridge 25ft HDMI Cable

Supporting HDMI 2.0 functions, the Mediabridge HDMI cable provides a 18Gbps transfer speed, 4K video, UHD, 3D, 48-bit deep color, and audio return. Ideal for setups that require more length, this triple-shielded 28AWG HDMI cable reaches 25ft and features gold-plated connectors.

$13.99 at Amazon

Monoprice 6ft HDMI Cable

This ultra-thin HDMI cable from Monoprice features RedMere technology and supports ethernet, 3D, 4K and audio return. It's priced a bit higher than the rest due to the cable's thin design that uses a RedMere chip on one end. Since these cables are directional, each end is labeled — source and TV — helping to make sure your connection is right the first time around.

$18.50 at Amazon

Twisted Veins 10ft HDMI Cable

Last up is the 10ft HDMI cable from Twisted Veins that features all the same specs as the 3-pack listed above, only with a 10ft length. It'll support 4K video and helps to prevent tangles with its durable braided cable. You can scoop this 10-footer up for just $5.70 if you prefer your HDMI cable to look as good as your new Apple TV setup.

$5.70 at Amazon