Will my Apple TV work with tvOS 12?

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Will my Apple TV work with tvOS 12?

Best answer: It absolutely will with Apple TV (fourth generation) and Apple TV 4K, but if you have a first, second, or third-generation Apple TV, you won't be able to use tvOS 12. Earlier generations of Apple TV run on an entirely different operating system. Still using an older Apple TV? Maybe it's time to upgrade!Apple: Apple TV 4K ($180 - $200)

Your Apple TV is good to go with tvOS 12, but only if it's newer

You shouldn't have any issues using your Apple TV with tvOS 12, but if you have an older model that doesn't run OS like the first, second, or third generation of Apple TV, you won't be able to update your Apple TV with tvOS 12, unfortunately.

Models like the Apple TV 4K (fourth generation) and Apple TV 4K shouldn't have any issues running the latest version of tvOS 12.

Why not Apple TV first, second, or third generation?

Apple has been tweaking and reworking what Apple TV can do since it's inception. The first-generation model was more like a hard drive where you could store your movies, music, and photos. The second and third-generations of Apple TV had a more robust operating system loosely based on iOS. You can download "channels," like Netflix and Amazon TV, but it still didn't have a dedicated App Store with third-party app support

Apple's fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K are the only two set-top boxes that run on the yearly-updated tvOS 12, which offers an App Store for Apple TV with apps and games across a wide variety of content, including entertainment, news, music, productivity, and more.

Taking the right steps to update your Apple TV

If you're looking to update your Apple TV with tvOS 12 from the beta, there are a few steps to take. It isn't terribly difficult to do and you'll be able to watch what you want, when you want, almost instantly.

Maybe you want to know more about tvOS 12 in general. iOS 12 supports Dolby Atmos, comes with beautiful new screensavers (directly from NASA's images), Password AutoFill, and a lot more! Be sure to read up on all the updates to see what's new!

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