The New York Times will start charging readers a subscription fee to access some of it's content, effective immediately in Canada and starting on March 28 in the US and globally. Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., publisher of The New York Times, said:

Our decision to begin charging for digital access will result in another source of revenue, strengthening our ability to continue to invest in the journalism and digital innovation on which our readers have come to depend. This move will enhance The Times's position as a source of trustworthy news, information and high-quality opinion for many years to come.

Here's a breakdown of the new digital subscription model.

  • All users of are able to enjoy 20 articles at no charge each month (including slideshows, videos and other forms of content). Beyond 20 articles and for open access to the site, users will be asked to become digital subscribers.
  • On The Times's smartphone and tablet applications, the Top News section will remain free. To delve deeper into the apps' other sections, users will be asked to become digital subscribers.
  • The Times is offering three digital subscription packages that allow users to choose the devices on which they want to access Times content. will be included as part of any subscription.
  • All New York Times home delivery newspaper subscribers receive free, unlimited access to and the full content on all of The Times's applications.
  • Readers who come to Times articles through links from search, blogs and social media will be able to access those individual articles, even if they have reached their reading limit. For some search engines, users will have a daily limit of free links to Times articles.
  • The homepage at and all section fronts will remain free to browse for all users at all times.

Access to The Times' iPhone app runs $15 every 4 weeks, the iPad app costs $20 every 4 weeks, and a subscription to both devices is whopping $35 every 4 weeks. In keeping with Apple's new subscription policy, The New York Times will begin using in-app purchase by June 30.

Anyone planning on signing up?

[The New York Times Company]