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What you need to know

  • There's a new show on Apple TV+.
  • 'Calls' is a "groundbreaking" auditory series that tells a story solely through phone calls.

Apple's new "groundbreaking" auditory series Calls is now available to stream on Apple TV+.

Nine episodes of the show are available, and they promise a story "told through a series of interconnected phone conversations". From our previous story:

A brand new Apple TV+ series Calls starring Pedro Pascal and Nick Jonas has just been announced.

In a new trailer Apple stated:

Introducing Calls, a show unlike any you've seen or heard before. This groundbreaking new series is told entirely through 12-minute phone conversations. Featuring Nick Jonas, Lily Collins, Pedro Pascal & more. Based on the buzzy French series of the same name, Calls is a groundbreaking immersive television experience that masterfully uses only audio and minimal abstract visuals to tell bone-chilling snackable stories. Launching in a binge model worldwide, all nine 12-minute episodes are told through a series of phone calls that use sharp writing, compelling voice talent and graphics to aid in transcribing the darkly dramatic conversations onto the screen. These relatable scenarios transport the audience into familiar situations that quickly become surreal with thrilling and frightening moments. Featuring Lily Collins, Rosario Dawson, Mark Duplass & more, Calls proves that the real terror lies in one's interpretation of what they cannot see on the screen and the unsettling places one's imagination can take them.

The show features Pedro Pascal, Nick Jonas, Lily Collins, Karen Gillan, and a whole lot more. Whilst Apple continues to pour time and money into its TV+ streaming service, its hardware has been left out in the cold somewhat, with the Best Apple TV going still the 32GB Apple TV 4K from 2017.

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