YouMail premium give away!

We told you about YouMail's latest update on Monday, well now they've been so kind as to provide TiPb with ten (10) codes for YouMail premium to pass on to... you!

YouMail is handier, faster, and more fun than your iPhone visual voicemail – and free! Scroll and play like before, but on any device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, or e-mail account. Enjoy visual caller ID, showing caller photos, name, and city and state. Wow callers, automatically greeting them by name. Share important voicemail easily, and save it forever, neatly organized in folders. And, for a small monthly fee, you can save time by simply reading your voicemail within the app or by e-mail, without ever having to listen to it. YouMail requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Want one? Just download the free YouMail app to get a feel for it, then leave a comment telling us which person you'd most like to get a YouMail message from -- famous, fictitious, or just plain funny. Make sure you include a real email address (we won't publish it but will use it to contact you if you win.) We'll pick 10 of you and give you the codes.

Ready... set... go!

[Free - iTunes link]


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