2.1 iPod Touch Available, But Looped?

A colleague of mine just sent me this, along with the screenshot above:

Every time I try to update my iPod Touch I get this message. I do the help about and it says is installed. Looks like it’s in a loop.

Anyone else getting 2.1 for the iPod Touch yet? Anyone else stuck in a loop? Let us know!

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2.1 iPod Touch Available, But Looped?


When you click "But Now" on Apple's site you still download v2.0. as well. Sounds like they are having some issues.

I manually downloaded iTunes 8 from Apple's website. After installing, I manually checked for iPod touch updates and I was able to download 2.1, although it took me a couple tries (connection timed out).

After installing the 2.1 update, the multiple calendar feature isn't there, and neither is genius for the ipod touch. everything is exactly the same, and in itunes 8 after it backs up my ipod i do not see my applications under the library like it did in 7.7.1 - anyone else experiencing this nonsense?

I have Genius and multiple calendars going...
Make sure it actually installed 2.1 under your General / About.

It was installed, I didn't realized it took another sync to get stuff going. You'll notice the Apps turn green in your storage bar when everything is working.

I had a timed-out problem with 2.0.1 and 2.1. (Last time I gave up and went to the Genius bar at the local retail store.) It was finally resolved when I connected to my internet directly from my PC to the wall, instead of going through the wireless router. In other words I disconnected my wireless router and ran the line from my PC to the DSL outlet. The download was successful, then I reconnected my wireless router, so I could use the iPod functionality in the house. The iPod Help folks tried for hours but did not have this suggestion.

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