2.2 Firmware Jailbroken by the Dev Team Already?

iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Pirate

Now does this really come as a surprise to anyone out there? Well it comes as no surprise for all of us here at TiPb that the Dev Team has jailbroken the latest 2.2 firmware beta released by Apple to developers. Not too shabby, and it should make all of you out there happy to know that the wait to jailbreak the 2.2 firmware will not be long! Short and painless. Now remember this is a beta right now so Apple may make some changes that can toss a wrench into the Dev Team's work but seriously how long would that slow them down? A day or two? Props to the Dev Team, they have yet to let us down.

For all of your jailbreaking needs be sure to check out our dedicated forums on that particular topic, iPhone Jailbreak Central and iPhone Jailbreak Apps.

{Via iPhone-dev.org]

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2.2 Firmware Jailbroken by the Dev Team Already?


hey guys...
The 2.2 is out already...people with turbo sim are simply screwed..they have no access to the network...now the good news is that you people will kick some butt and get things movin'...we need you...me myself...i'm stuck with a brick on my desk...my turbo sim's of no use...darn it!

In mine Iphone! Sits the coffee which and drinks in starbucks and reads your blog, the 21st century it is truly astonishing. Btta5200