4th gen iPhone to have ceramic backing, Apple A4-like SoC?

iPhone G4 glass backing

Following up on the crazy that was yesterday's iPhone G4 (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G) hardware leaks, Daring Fireball looked into the glass-like backing of the device, and brings up an old Apple patent for fancy, futuristic ceramics:

Multiple sources familiar with the next iPhone have confirmed to me that the back is made out of some sort of fancy glass — and looks pretty much exactly like what’s pictured at Engadget. [...] reader Antoine Hebert emailed with this 2006 Apple patent, for high-durability ceramic enclosures. Glass-like appearance and feel but far stronger and more scratch resistant. And: radio transparent.

We know the current, hi-tech plastic back on the iPhone 3GS (and iPhone 3G before it) is so durable it will not blend, so will glass-like ceramics be equally tough? Tough enough to survive a fall?

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac points us to a Korea Times where Samsung seems to confirm Apple will be using their own system-on-a-chip (SoC) for the 4th generation iPhone, like it does with the Apple A4 for the iPad.

If that chip is as blazing fast as we hope it will be, maybe ceramics is a better choice for the backing anyway. What do you think?

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4th gen iPhone to have ceramic backing, Apple A4-like SoC?


im Done with all these news. Please let me know once the phone is out. this way everything will be true..

sure, Apple know how to make a chip way faster than the competition. Stevie boy has been up all night glueing it together. Right.

It's hilarious -- last week people were pissing and moaning that "its all iPad news, where is the G4 iPhone news" and now it's "I'm sick of these iPhone rumors". There's just no pleasing people!

Noone said 4G in this post. 4th Gen. As in... This possibly being the 4th generation iPhone.

iPhone4g (you missed the capitalization and are thus in violation of our trademark!). You've heard of the A4, right? We're using that and it IS fast.
P.S. SOI is not TECHNICALLY glue.

@Zeagus how do you knoe those are the same ppl? These rumors make no sense...look at that photo? would Apple really put that thing on the market? lol

Will the glass/ceramic back allow for magic mouse style gestures accross the back of the new iDevice ?

Oh, they aren't necessarily the same people :) It's just odd that people come to a blog that proclaims that it covers all iPhone OS devices and then people take time to bitch and moan about getting what the site advertises. The thing in the pic is a development testing chassis, the real thing will be seamless and likely have different button setup/rocker switch more like the iPad in execution (and likely sexy).

There are links at the top that allow you to read just the tags/categories you care about. Please use them.

I'm pretty sure the back of the 3G/3GS is the "futuristic ceramic magic" that is radio transparent and ultra-tough. I don't know why people keep saying it is some kind of plastic. I remember distinctly when the 3G came out that half the people were moaning because it was plastic and the people that knew what they were talking about were telling them that it wasn't plastic, it was ceramic.
So yeah. Good chance that the iPhone g4 will have a tough ceramic back, just like the most recent 2 iterations.

I don't think iPhone 3G/3GS's used ceramic on the backing, if they did they wouldn't crack as all my last 4 iPhones did!

If the next iPhone has any sort of shiny or glossy back, I will be spray painting it with an aluminum-like finish. I've had it with the shiny backing.

These little leaks crack me up. I do believe that the back casing is gonna be different. Probably to make it look more like the iPad back casing. I don't think the picture does what it's gonna look like justice. Hi Res screen Better Battery and what I saw from the sneak preview on top of what we haven't seen of the 93 other features and I'm sold. I just hope they all early upgrades like they did last year! With all the competition trying to creep up and Apple has only one phone out best believe it's gonna be a very good one.

you're not allowed to spray paint your ifone. technically it remains property of apple. read the fine print.
serious though, i hope they bring out two versions, one with the useless front facing cam that no one uses after the first 3 test calls, and one with a LED instead of the useless cam. i'll take the LED and am willing to pay the same price!

I plan on painting it down in my underground bunker. The same place where I hide to jailbreak it.

how do you spell 4g? I google but no result. my english is bad. four-gee? i find no google result and apple support have no answer. i need 4g bad (spelling). my momma to buy one for my birthday before she leave for holidy and tell me to buy now. i try buy now but it do workie. can i talk on ipad? sister has one and has hand-warmer app and set on ipad. now it no more with big crack on it. can i replace with 4g or do i have to call apple and they send me 4g. i look forward to many fun with new toy. yes?

@GGG...microSIM, NOT SD slot. Slow down and read what is there, and not what you want to see. It was NEVER microSD. As to what it will be called, I think it will be iPhone4. The fact that the #4 was the main point of the invites makes sense. We had the first, 2G phone, since it was EDGE only. Then we moved to the 3G, because we moved on to 3G networks. 3GS, same phone with a few tweeks. To keep using the "G" is a little silly at this point. And, with the next big one being LTE / 4G, I can't see how this one will have G in there anywhere. It would be the end of the G cycle with the S, and this would be simply 4, with the LTE phone getting the G back. I think this phone will be all new, and getting us ready for the true 4G networks. Apple lilkes to put out a product, then offer a tweek. Going to 4G will be one heck of a tweek!!

If you'd followed the threads in the past few days, you'd recognize GGG was obviously being sarcastic.
You've been Punk'd. :roll:

I made the same mistake. Micro sim good idea. Not to sure about the new back. It could be high impact of some sort. You are going to drop it for sure. How will it hold up?

Looks like another smudge and scratch magnet surface ..no thanks yet again if this is true..id love to see a black rubberized soft touch back..of course then they would lose some on the cases they are pushing out in the hundreds of different styles

Can we please change the name of this blog to "iPhone rumors that rarely come true"?

ceramic is basically just glass, I read somewhere else though that they were using zirconia which is actually a type of metal but it passes light through it like glass does and possibly could be used as an antenna as well