4th Gen iPhone Peeked in Engadget iPad Leak?


The night before Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad, Engadget scored scored pictures of the device -- but did they score a picture of the 4th generation iPhone as well? That's what AppleInsider claims:

People with an impeccable track record in matters such as these say the iPhone in below photo, published by gadget blog Engadget in the hours leading up to Apple's iPad announcement last Wednesday, is a prototype of one of the handsets due to hit the market in roughly five months.

Let the speculation about bezels and cameras/smudges begin! After all, it's just under 5 months until WWDC 2010, the likely venue for the next iPhone unveiling!

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Rene Ritchie

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4th Gen iPhone Peeked in Engadget iPad Leak?


Physically I'm not surprised they look identacal, the changes of the new iPhone will be more OS and hardware related , just like the 3Gs vs the 3G

If that is what will become the iPhone 4 hardware, so much for a bigger screen. Personally, I think that's just either a 3G or 3GS with a case (why would they black out the bezel except at the bottom?)

Ok, that's really reaching. Slow news day, Appleinsider? If that's the next iPhone, then I'm jumping ship...

I'm going to choose to believe that tiny bit of light shining next to the earphone speaker is refracting off a front mounted camera that's inset - like on the iMacs.
Yup. That's the story I'm telling myself and I'm stickin' to it.

Yup looks like a front facing camera to me too. We can only hope. I'm guessing that 4.0 will bring more customizing otions, probably just being able to set a background image like the iPad. But we shall see soon enough.

I don't think I can wait that long, the HTC passion/bravo will be too tempting. It is a shame Steve gave no details of iPhone OS4.0 at the ipad launch to keep those of us who are out of contract from switching to Android but as sales of iPhone are so strong I guess there was no need...

I don't think this is the 4th Gen iphone... If it really was, then it most certainly does not have an AMOLED or OLED screen (due to the blue tint it has at this angle). I think this is fake. If this really is the 4th gen iphone, then I think I might jump ship as well. That Nexus One with its 800x480 screen is starting to look real nice... I don't think Apple will fail us by not upgrading the screen resolution due to the huge competition now WITH huge resolution screens, because of the iPad with its different resolutions. I hope...

"Ok, that’s really reaching. Slow news day, Appleinsider? If that’s the next iPhone, then I’m jumping ship…" - Joe McG

I would believe a front facing camera would only work to take pictures of yourself or another, not for iChat. (Unless wirelessly)
But this picture does look a little dark.
Please bring it to Sprint instead of Verizon! (If there were to be a CDMA device.) Pshhhh, hahah!
But seriously, Sprint instead.

Does anyone else notice this looks exactly like a Palm Pre. Is Apple conceding the superiority of the Pre design?

Apple will not put everything everyone may want, you already know this. So if u hate the phone now just jump ship already...

Sarcasm aside, what do you guys think is so wrong with the phone enough to jump ship? Without any changes at all it's still the best phone out there. Take it from a former Blackberry user.

@igorsky exactly, the phone got them hooked enough to come to a website... about the phone, so @joe mcg please quit trolling, the number of times you've said you're going to jump ship are already reason enough to do so.

This is legit. I know someone who flew to China some years ago and when I showed him the photo, he said, "Yes, iPhone 4 sale"
I'm not sure if he means that it is iPhone 4 or the iPhone is now for sale...
There is a difference including the sticker. That to me is a sure sign that it is legit. I hope they have MobileMe on that device to track it.

I see no difference between that and a current 3GS..looks like a black aftermarket case to me. No difference in size or button location.

loooks like you have a new homescreen.. .copying android eh? ...
Iphone fans should like this better than hardware upgrades..
The problem with the IPhone is its restrictive OS ... hardware could last another year.

Do you guys really think the new iPhone is going to look much different from the previous 3 versions?

I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.