95% of Apple's Asian employees are within overtime compliance

Apple factory laborer

Since January, Apple's supply chain laborforce has jumped from 84% compliance with overtime standards to 95%, according to this month's Supplier Responsibility report. Apple is also reporting that they're now monitoring 800,000 workers, which is up from 500,000 previously. This follows on the Fair Labor Association's report issued just a few short weeks ago claiming that excess overtime was a big problem at Foxconn's production facilities. Apple has pledged that they'll maintain income levels for employees who are limited within the 60-hour work week, but many laborers doubt that they'll walk away with the same amount of money while working fewer hours.

Beyond overtime issues, Apple faces scrutiny over using underage workers to build iPhones and iPads. The average age is a relatively low 23 years, with between 3.6% and 5.5% aged 16 to 18, according to the FLA audit. On other fronts, Apple is getting flak for energy efficiency in their data centers, though they have been aggressively defending their eco-friendliness.

In any case, good on Apple for increasing overtime compliance so quickly. Foxconn is on a hiring spree, which should make up for the lost overtime hours and hopefully provide employees enough time to, y'know, sleep.

Source: TNW

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Reader comments

95% of Apple's Asian employees are within overtime compliance


"overtime compliance" eh. How's that for an euphemism? People are only having to work 60 hour weeks to make a living, hurray, let's all celebrate!

Well 95% sounds good, that still means that 40,000 employee's are still working beyond the max, if the 800K workers is an accurate number.

"Beyond overtime issues, Apple faces scrutiny over using underage workers to build iPhones and iPads. "
This isn't the USA we are talking about. Why don't journalists and others seem to comprehend that other COUNTRIES have different labor laws? Hell, even in the US you can start work at 16. Anything to take a stab at those "evil" corporations, huh?

You make a good point. There are a lot of hypocrites out there. Just look at the busloads of Mexicans we pay pennies to in the California fields so we can have cheap fruit and vegetables. And yet we are trying to enforce our hypocritical standards and a different country with different laws and standards.
The workers at Foxconn are very very glad for the jobs they have. They have better pay and working conditions than similar jobs in China. As for the ignorant bloggers who talk about suicides, the fact is that the suicide rate of Foxconn employees is 1/7th the average in China as a whole.
We are a society of spoiled, rich, overfed and sheltered people. Very few people in this world actually expect to work 40 hours a week and be able to provide for their families. Its part of our laziness to believe that.

I agree.
Additionally, Apple is not responsible for Chinese labor laws. In reality, Apple really has no say about anything that goes on over there. Sure, they can "persuade" a company to do something, but that doesn't mean Apple is "using underage workers" or that their persuasion will do anything. In fact - - - that concept doesn't even make a lick of sense. FOXCONN is the employer, NOT Apple. So that means if anyone is hiring "underage workers" it's FOXCONN. It's also important to point out that nobody is holding a gun to those teenager's heads that choose to work at FOXCONN (which I hear is quite the company to work for in China that has lines out the door every day for applicants). These people CHOOSE to work for FOXCONN. It's not like they are doing slave labor. It's not FOXCONN's fault that China is the way it is. At least they are nice enough to have housing for all those thousands of people that CHOOSE to come to the factory every week to work, at FOXCONN. People are pointing the finger because "it's Apple". There are millions of other companies around the world that use those same Chinese factories (like FOXCONN), yet you don't hear anything about it. It's typical "anti-corporation" crock because Apple is the "it" company right now with all the success. How else can you explain some old lady suing Apple for over a million dollars because she was dumb enough to run into (marked) glass? She walked through the door to get in, didn't she???