Adobe TV now available to view on iPad, iPhone

Adobe has just launched its Adobe TV Mobile portal which is now optimised for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Adobe TV is a great source of tutorials for Adobes catalogue of products. With this update you can now watch the how-to videos on your iOS devices. Adobe claim that a mobile version of the site was the number one request from its audience so Flash arguments aside, Adobe has gone ahead and delivered the content to iOS users.

We added iPad/iPhone support because our customers asked for it. It’s that simple. There’s no subtext related to Flash, which we continue to use to deliver our content onto Flash-supported devices. We believe in delivering our content to all platforms and devices that are meaningful to our audience. We also believe in using our own tools, the best authoring tools on the planet, to create cross-platform, cross-device experiences.

You can access the mobile optimized site at and you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate page for your device. Have any of our readers used Adobe TV? Will you be using the mobile version on your iOS device? Let us know in the comments!

[Adobe Blog]

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Reader comments

Adobe TV now available to view on iPad, iPhone


Then visit different websites. It's not Apple's fault that the websites you visit are delivering their content through proprietary plugins.

Think about your statement for a minute. The company that owns Flash, that was all gung-ho/Apple is evil for not letting our plug in on their device, (even though Adobe is slow to roll out the updates and actually meet development milestones) - is NOW going full on supporting iOS. What does that tell you? This is what it tells me. Apple changed it's rules to allow development to be done on platforms such as Flash, Adobe actively updating it's CS suite to utilize iPads as extensions of the keyboard/mouse combo. Adobe realizes that no amount of bad press is going to defer people from getting an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. The Xoom and subsequent Android tablets, the Thunderbolt and other Android phones all have Flash. Still doesn't stop the iOS train. Adobe knows this, Apple has known this, (along with not waiting on a third party for the success of it's platform). The announcements of the past few days (CS 5.5 integration with the iPad, Adobe.TV working on iOS devices) is the first phase of Adobe abandoning Flash as a web plug in. Instead, they will focus their efforts on making it the best cross platform development tool for rich/multi media. I wish them much success in this area, because that is where their core strength lies. Flash was easy, allowed people to do all sorts of cool things, but, as is the way with technology, it's prime has come and gone. Adobe got lazy with and distracted by Flash and it's popularity. They got "pushed around" by Apple. The ultimate result of this "bullying" by Apple? Adobe will be a better/more successful company.